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OpenAM: Access Management

Built for today’s digital challenges, ForgeRock OpenAM is designed to give customers not only context-aware single sign-on access but also a personalized experience on any digital channel, whether a mobile device, connected car, home appliance, or whatever the next connected innovation might be.

OpenAM has a highly scalable, modular, easy-to-deploy architecture that includes:

  • Authentication based on dynamic, context-based access that is responsive to user location, time zone, device, IP address, time of day, and more, providing endless personalization possibilities and mitigation of risk
  • Entitlement management that enables users to access applications and services based on permissions and policies defined by the business without creating complexity using our policy engine tools
  • Federation and single sign-on with a single identity, allowing users to access services that span the cloud and mobile devices, on premises and off, eliminating the need for multiple passwords, user profiles, or the complexity that creates friction and slows adoption
  • Social sign-on that supports integration with “sign up and log in with Facebook”-style access, which eliminates the need for user registration and allow rapid consumer adoption
  • Adaptive risk that combines contextual information to evaluate the risk of users attempting to access resources and, if they are deemed suspicious, require a higher level of authentication or identity-proofing