Manage digital identities at scale


OpenDJ: Directory Services

As more and more connected devices and things come online, your identity data will grow exponentially. ForgeRock OpenDJ is rethinking Directory Services with massive data scale and high availability. We provide developers with ultra-lightweight ways to access customer identity data, in order to personalize services and transform how customers engage with the world.

Designed to provide and manage digital identities across platforms, the easy-to-embed OpenDJ includes:

  • Performance, scalability, and high availability to manage data for hundreds of millions of users, devices, and things
  • Password policy and schema management policies that include a wide variety of password encryption schemes and customizable rules for password strength enforcement
  • Active directory synch, because you shouldn’t have to replace what you already have and directories should all be in synch
  • Replicate identity data globally for high availability, session failover, and easy access
  • Use REST or LDAP to easily access identity data and integrate with your services, including LDAPv3 and REST2LDAP