Consumer Cybersecurity and Protection

Deliver unparalleled security and privacy with the leading CIAM platform

Protect Your Consumers Across Their Entire Digital Journey

As consumers spend more time online, cybercrime is surging. With nearly half of organizations experiencing an identity-related breach, enterprise leaders are making consumer identity security and privacy a top priority. ForgeRock's customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform delivers end-to-end security, protecting consumers at every stage of a their digital journey.

The 2023 ForgeRock Identity Breach Report

Get key statistics and details about data breaches impacting consumers across various industries and regions

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How Customer Identity Protects Against Breaches and Fraud

Learn 6 ways enterprise-grade customer identity protects your customers’ identities and data in the face of today's sophisticated cybercrime

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3 Things Cybercriminals Hate, But Customers Love

See 3 ways enterprise-grade CIAM thwarts cybercriminals and fraudsters while keeping your customers happy

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Traditional Identity Is Failing. Purpose-Built CIAM Is Required


Legacy identity systems that rely on outdated authentication and security methods, manual processes, and weak compliance practices are failing to safeguard your consumers against breaches and fraud. To protect consumer identities, data, and privacy while meeting regulations requires a purpose-built CIAM platform with capabilities that exceed cybercrime sophistication.

Breach Prevention

50% of all breaches are due to unauthorized access. Breach prevention requires support for Zero Trust with AI-powered, contextual, and continuous security that protects consumers, devices, and IoT at scale. It also requires the ability to secure hybrid IT environments, from legacy networks to cloud, modern mobile apps, APIs, microservices, and more.

Fraud Detection

Account takeover (ATO) fraud increased 307% between 2019 and 2021. To detect and block fraud, you need AI and ML to continuously inspect and adapt access based on behavior, and orchestrate real-time response and remediation. This enables you to prevent ATO and fraud during authentication and remove unnecessary friction for legitimate users.

Data Protection

63% of consumers say the most important factor when sharing personal data with an organization is secure collection and storage. To protect personally identifiable information (PII) and comply with data regulations requires state-of-the-art technologies for encryption, backups, and more. A secure cloud architecture built with full tenant isolation protects data even if another cloud tenant is compromised.

Privacy and Consent

GDPR violations increased 113.5% between July 2020 and July 2021. To comply with consumer privacy laws and achieve data sovereignty, you need scalable Privacy by Design. In addition, support for standards, such as user-managed access (UMA) and other security capabilities enable you to give users control over their data.

ForgeRock Has You Covered

Today's threat and regulatory landscape requires comprehensive, enterprise-grade CIAM built with the latest technology. ForgeRock's industry-leading platform helps you prevent breaches; detect suspicious activity; and support privacy, consent, and compliance with ease.

AI & Orchestration

ForgeRock Autonomous Access

AI-driven fraud and threat prevention that also improves access experiences for legitimate users

ForgeRock Intelligent Access

No-code orchestration that enables you to design user journeys that are sophisticated and user-friendly

ForgeRock Artificial Intelligence

Engage both sides of the identity brain simultaneously to give the right access to the right people at the right time

Zero Trust

Support for Zero Trust security across modern and legacy environment

Passwordless Authentication

Authentication without the need for passwords or usernames

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

An additional layer of security with the use of two or more credentials

Privacy and Compliance

Scalable Privacy by Design. Comply with regulations and achieve data sovereignty

Identity Cloud

A multi-tenant cloud architecture purpose-built for security and privacy

ForgeRock for the Hybrid Enterprise

Coverage for every identity in the enterprise — cloud, on-prem, user, device, or thing

Cybersecurity and Savings You Can’t Help But Celebrate

According to a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, ForgeRock CIAM customers realize significant cost savings.

  • Reduce instances of fraud and save more than $4 million
  • Lower security-related call center calls by 40% and save over $20 million
  • Achieve ~$6 million in savings from more efficient rollouts and deployments of new functionality
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