About ForgeRock

Trust is fundamental

Digital Identity. Yup, It’s In Our DNA.

We’re out to transform the way organizations approach identity and access management, so they can deliver trusted digital relationships that improve the personalized customer experience and, ultimately, drive greater value. We make it happen with the best identity platform for securing anything, anywhere, on any device. Because at ForgeRock, we believe identity is the center of everything.

We value and reward innovation – the key to success. And we support that innovative drive with a flat organization, transparency in our decision-making, and a spirit of openness and collaboration. Our Norwegian soul shines as we practice drama-free communication across the globe. We offer a flexible work environment because we believe that great people do great work wherever they are.



The Name

Forge has several meanings. As a noun, it’s used by craftsmen to create metal that is exceedingly strong. As a verb, it “forms or makes, especially by concentrated effort,” whether it be metal or friendship built on mutual trust. And it’s also the name of the pub in London where our founders turned their thirst into a rock-solid partnership.

Rock represents both a lifetime passion for music amongst a surprising number of employees across the company, and a strong, solid Norwegian mountain – the site of Kjeragbolten, a 5 cubic meter or 176.57 cubic foot stone balancing between two rocks, a part of our logo and a metaphor for this company. BASE jumpers from all over the world come here to take a chance, jump off a cliff, have fun, and use all their skills for an epic landing.