Identity Tech Talk - Using Identity to deliver the first UK Pensions Dashboard

This month our special guest will be Kenneth May, Chief Architect, Origo Services.

Described by The Guardian as “One of the most ambitious IT projects ever undertaken in financial services”, the UK Pensions Dashboard will give all citizens the ability to find and access information about their retirement savings in one place. This information can then be shared with authorised parties (such as financial advisers) to obtain guidance or financial advice on what action to take next. All of this has to be achieved with the necessary informed and revocable consent, and integrated with state pensions data that can only be released when the identity of the citizen has been asserted.

Join Ken as we take a deep dive into the business principles, architecture and technology approaches taken by Origo with ForgeRock technology to enable this unique service to citizens whilst maintaining privacy and consent rooted in standards such as GOV.UK Verify, OAuth2 and User-Managed Access (UMA).

Start Date
May 22, 2018
Event Location
London, England