Don't Pave Privacy Cow Paths: Retool User Consent for the New Mobility

You are invited to attend our next event featuring Eve Maler, a former Forrester Research speaker and the current VP, Innovation and Strategy at ForgeRock. As the world has headed towards a consumer privacy trust apocalypse, we've all seen examples of how consent doesn't scale for the requirements of email, laptops, and browsers, never mind mobile devices and applications.

How much worse is the situation going to get as the Internet of Things become an ever bigger part of consumers' lives and an ever more significant integration point for every industry?

We will discuss the use the New Mobility as an example scenario for examining consumer requirements for trust, regulatory requirements for privacy, how consent experiences and consent management must adapt, and how we can begin to meet these challenges using identity-centric technology.

Start Date
November 14, 2018
Event Location
Dallas, Texas