ForgeRock Announces OpenIDM 2.0

Next generation Open Source initiative takes on Identity Management in both the Enterprise and the Cloud

OSLO, Norway – January 17, 2012 – ForgeRock, the vendor behind the I³ Open Identity Platform, today announced OpenIDM 2.0, the next generation open source Identity Management (IDM) solution.

IDM solutions are not new. After many years of big vendor product development, customers would be forgiven for expecting that IDM systems should have evolved into more of a commoditized category and be correspondingly easier and faster to get up and running. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. IDM has become bigger and more complex, with more bells and whistles that customers do not typically need. License costs are increasing, and implementation costs remain 2 to 4 times the cost of the license. It takes too long to achieve security and compliance goals, and ROI remains elusive. Most of all, the number of failed implementations in the space is an embarrassment.

OpenIDM manages an enterprise’s user identity life-cycle in real time, including management of access privileges, account provisioning and synchronization of multiple identity-stores for applications whether locally or cloud based. Organizations continue to face an escalation in the complexity and scale of their identity management challenges, against a backdrop of increasingly strict global regulatory environments. OpenIDM provides the framework to enable compliance and increase operational efficiency whilst simultaneously reducing risk and total cost of ownership.

“In early 2010 we were struggling to manage a complex, mission critical IDM environment for our customers and financial services partners, using aging proprietary technology solutions,” said Harald Næss, CIO VPS, (Norwegian central securities depository). “In OpenIDM we found a flexible solution to our current requirements with a credible roadmap to support our future plans. ForgeRock have become a trusted partner, able to deliver enterprise subscription service from POC, through Build, and into Production phases at an attractive TCO. Our project went live in Dec 2011 to about 10.000 users within investment firms, banks and fund management companies, according to our plans.”

ForgeRock offers OpenIDM as a fully Open Source I³ platform community project, built around a modular architecture, exposing a RESTful interface to all its capabilities and services. OpenIDM integrates seamlessly with both next generation, cloud and legacy technologies. As an I³ platform product, OpenIDM leverages the OpenICF open source connector project for accelerated and simplified integration with 3rd party legacy and cloud apps.

OpenIDM is designed from the ground up to be ultimately flexible, allowing customers to tailor the solution to fit their business needs and requirements, and enabling business rules and workflow to be invoked throughout the product. OpenIDM is developer-friendly, lightweight, scalable, embeddable, modular and easy to install, yet covers all the typical enterprise requirements. ForgeRock offers a safe haven for customers locked in with a proprietary vendor or stuck with an unsupported or inflexible Identity Management solution.

For more information about OpenIDM make sure to check out the project website at

Key facts:

  • Lightweight yet flexible open source Java based Identity Management solution
  • Simple yet completely customizable object model that aligns with SCIM out of the box
  • Workflow driven provisioning using BPMN 2.0.
  • Alternative for traditional vendor’s IdM packages including Sun Microsystems
  • Ongoing development and support from ForgeRock with an appropriate enterprise subscription for OpenIDM, offered under the innovative “Fair Share Pricing” model at every deployment stage from POC, through Build, and into Production.
  • Subscriptions at various SLAs also available for identity repository, access management and identity life-cycle management and provisioning solutions built with OpenDJ, OpenAM and OpenIDM.

About ForgeRock

ForgeRock is the global open source vendor behind the I³ Open Platform. ForgeRock identity-oriented middle-ware powers solutions for thousands of the worlds largest companies and government organizations. The I³ vision is to deliver a fully open source platform for the creation of interactive web and cloud solutions using identity throughout. I³ products currently include OpenAM, OpenIDM and OpenDJ. ForgeRock technology is built on open standards and deployed by a global network of system integrator, consulting and training partners. I³ products are supported for mission-critical operations by ForgeRock enterprise lifecycle subscriptions. For more information and free downloads, visit the OpenIDM community.

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