ForgeRock Announces Open Source IoT Edge Solution Delivering Trusted Ecosystems at the Edge

Adds Trusted Identity at Device Level; Released Under Apache 2.0 License for Rapid Adoption in Consumer and Industrial IoT Use Cases 

San Francisco – August 6, 2019 – ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its IoT Edge, which provides consumer and industrial businesses the ability to generate new revenue streams via secure ecosystems at the edge (services, things, and people), to automatically onboard new devices, and to deliver rich offline experiences.  In this way, “things” have a trusted and unique identity feature set on the same level as customer or employee identities.  Delivering an Open Source IoT Edge allows businesses to easily include digital identities as part of products and platforms, while significantly accelerating time-to-market of new IoT solutions.

ForgeRock extends its leadership in innovation and commitment to developers in providing the IoT Edge as open source under the Apache 2.0 License. Open source customers and partners can more easily build industry-specific solutions with additional functionality, and ultimately drive higher levels of interoperability. More information on ForgeRock’s IoT solutions is here, and to access the open source IoT Edge, please visit here.

Gerhard Zehethofer, Vice President of IoT, at ForgeRock, said: “The number of IoT devices are growing at a phenomenal pace, so it only makes sense to treat them as first-class citizens with the same identity capabilities a user would have, allowing for efficient end-to-end business process digitization and automation. Only ForgeRock supports integrations with the major IoT platforms to deliver employee, customer and device identity management as well as the complex relationships between them. ForgeRock is thrilled to deliver the IoT Edge Controller, and to drive rapid adoption by releasing it as open source.”

Trust and Identity Accelerates the IoT Revolution
The Internet of Things (IoT) already affects many industries, as connected devices streamline processes and add entirely new revenue streams for global organizations. To do this, Trust is essential. In recent TechVision research, Principal Consulting Analyst Gary Rowe writes, “Ecosystems are being built to better govern, manage, secure and integrate IoT to support a diverse set of use cases. The foundation for this emerging and pervasive IoT ecosystem requires scalable methods for determining how devices and data generated by these devices are identified, secured and accessed. This has led to the development of a new category of Identity and Access Management (IAM) called the Identity of Things (IDoT) that supports the unique scalability, relationships, context, consent and identification of IoT devices. IDoT services must also support authenticating various forms of hardware identifiers associated with IoT devices.”*

ForgeRock IoT Edge Controller: Trusted Identity at the Device Level 
The ForgeRock IoT Edge delivers identity-driven security by creating trusted identities and ensuring the ongoing authenticity and authorization of connected devices, their transactions and data streams. Built using open standards, the IoT Edge Controller features contextual security, scales to meet IoT-level demands and enables customers to optimize operating costs of IoT implementations. Other key features include:

  • Secure auto onboarding without human intervention
  • Ability to deliver secure ecosystems at the edge and offline
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Self-authentication, as well as authentication of attached sensors and services that can retrieve standard OAuth2/OIDC JWT tokens
  • Authorization using OAuth 2 device flows for IoT
  • SDK provided to accelerate integration.

iC Consult, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a leading vendor-independent systems integrator specialized in identity and access management solutions. This trusted partner welcomes the release of the ForgeRock Edge Controller. “ForgeRock takes an identity-driven approach to IoT security so customers can successfully deploy projects and initiatives with functional integrity and device security assured. Delivering an open source version allows our clients to include digital identities as part of their products and helps us to significantly accelerate time-to-market. ForgeRock’s commitment to driving innovation is evident with this release,” said Andre Priebe, Chief Technology Officer of iC Consult. 

• “IDentity of Things,” TechVision Research.



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