ForgeRock Establishes OpenIDM Project for Open Source Identity Management

  • A lightweight but flexible open source Java based IDM and provisioning solution
  • Preview release – OpenIDM Snapshot 1 – available now
  • Provides solution for Sun customers waiting for open source IDM
  • Fully open source project to create future OpenIDM product

GOSCON – PORTLAND, Ore. – October 27, 2010 – Further extending its open source access and identity management portfolio, ForgeRock today announced the founding of the new open source OpenIDM project to create an identity management system for enterprise software systems. OpenIDM provides a web interface for system administrators to easily create, update and delete user accounts with their respective privileges and identity data on diverse systems. It works in conjunction with a wide range of identity software including the ForgeRock I3 platform. A preview snapshot release is available from and the project road-map aims to deliver an enterprise provisioning solution in early 2011.

ForgeRock is investing in OpenIDM in order to create the third pillar of its fully open source Identity and Access management portfolio, which is part of the ForgeRock I3 platform. OpenIDM milestone 1 provides web-based enterprise provisioning capabilities to a wide range of IT systems and resources such as databases, directories, ERP-systems and access management suites all accessible by administrators and users via a customizable web 2.0 (AJAX) user interface. OpenIDM integrates perfectly with ForgeRock’s OpenAM access management software and OpenDJ directory server in Java, but can also be used independently.

OpenIDM’s architecture is uniquely flexible and developer-friendly. It is lightweight yet through a modular architecture enables a hybrid model of storing entitlement-carrying attributes for certification, audits and compliance. OpenIDM is fully open source and relies on well-established, proven components such as the workflow engine from OpenESB and the Identity Connector Framework, which allows connectivity to a large number of resources such as OpenDJ, Active Directory, SAP and more. ForgeRock can provide subscriptions now to customers requiring assistance with evaluations, proof-of-concept or migration projects.

Early community members include the Norwegian State Railway company (NSB AS). “We have worked on implementing a full-fledged Identity Management solution for a long time, and were almost production-ready when our vendor suddenly disappeared,” said Jan Christiansen, NSB’s CIO. “The support from ForgeRock has made it possible to reach part of our goal by using OpenAM. We hope to get back on track using the OpenIDM product in 2011, without the need for a major rearchitecting”.

“Sun customers had been expecting an open source IDM solution. OpenIDM will provide Sun customers with a system that matches their expectations and plans,” said Lasse Andresen, CEO, ForgeRock. “Our goal is to deliver a production-ready solution at the start of 2011; for now, the snapshot release provides a great preview of what’s coming.”

About ForgeRock

A global company with bases in the UK, USA and Norway, ForgeRock is committed to continuity of innovation and service for the existing and new open source interaction, identity, and integration software found within the I3 platform. ForgeRock provides customers with enterprise-class subscriptions for the platform as well as training and access to an extensive partner community. For more information, visit

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