ForgeRock Expands Edge Security Early Access Program with Developers and Manufacturers from the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Industries

Renesas and Collaborate with ForgeRock at Automotive Grade Linux in Effort to Provide Complete End-to-End Security for Common Connected Car Use Cases

SANTA CLARA, CA--Internet of Things World-- ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions, today announced three new partners in its efforts to secure the internet of things and the connected car through digital identity management. Renesas and are collaborating with ForgeRock within Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) to create trusted identities in order to enable complete end-to-end security for connected car uses cases. Together the organizations are working toward new capabilities including highly trusted authentication and granular relationship-based authorization for common Vehicle-to-X use cases, including Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C), Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) scenarios. The ForgeRock team is on hand this week at Internet of Things World, providing live demos of its identity software that runs in cloud connected vehicles, enabling owners or authorized drivers to authenticate to the car, to provide a more secure, personalized experience.

Business Insider's research service reported that it expects 381 million connected cars to be on the road by 2020, up from 36 million in 2015, and also forecasts that connected cars will generate $8.1 trillion between 2015 and 2020. At the same time, recent automotive recalls prompted by security flaws, and well-publicized hacking incidents, have clearly shown that connected cars are highly vulnerable to malicious attacks. The implications for the personal safety of drivers and passengers, and the financial wellbeing of drivers and auto manufacturers, are serious and wide-ranging. The recently announced ForgeRock Edge Security offering promises to resolve many of the security flaws plaguing IoT devices, including connected car systems, transforming the automobile into a secure trusted edge device. With ForgeRock Digital Identity Management, automobile developers and manufacturers can effectively pursue IoT security by design, and establish the "root of trust" at the edge. With trusted identities established across ecosystems, it becomes possible to share security context with users to enable rich relations, onboard owners and drivers securely with no human intervention, and support dynamic device-to-device authorization.

ForgeRock Founder and CTO Lasse Andresen said: "The typical connected car will include over 50 computer systems and 100+ million lines of code, constituting a formidable edge / IoT node with innumerable points of exposure. Providing a safe, secure driving experience will require concerted efforts from developers, cloud providers, manufacturers, application providers and more. We're delighted to be working with leading connected car organizations AGL, Renesas, and to make the secure connected car a reality."

"ForgeRock has been an active contributor to AGL in our efforts to make connected cars safer and more secure," said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux at The Linux Foundation. "Identity management will undoubtedly play an important role for consumers in future secure vehicle solutions, and we value ForgeRock's continuing contributions to the project."

"As a premier supplier of microcontrollers (MCUs), System on Chip (SoC) and solutions for IVI / connected car, Renesas fully appreciates the growing need for solutions to secure vehicles, drivers, and their data," said Masayasu Yoshida, Senior Director of 1st Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation. "ForgeRock's Digital Identity Management technology has been proven in connected car implementations, and we're excited to work with them alongside our partners at AGL."

"Like many devices coming online in the IoT context, the connected car has certain technical and environmental constraints or qualities -- mobility, rugged environment, variable data input methods -- that require highly specialized operating systems and security solutions," said Fulup Ar Foll, CEO at "ForgeRock's identity-based edge technology has been proven in connected car uses cases, and has the flexibility and scalability that will be needed to secure emerging V2C, V2V, and V2I scenarios."

ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis said, "In its Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, KPMG noted that 85% of auto executives agree that the digital ecosystem will generate higher revenues than the hardware of the car itself. Effective digital identity management will be key to securing and monetizing the connected car experience in coming years."

ForgeRock is demonstrating its broad range of digital identity management for automotive use cases and IoT edge security at booth #915 at Internet of Things World, May 16 - 18.