ForgeRock Introduces Sun Replacement Program for Organizations Continuing Sun IAM Investments

Leader in open source identity and access management to provide straightforward replacement program for Sun IAM customers facing end-of-life policy

SAN FRANCISCO – May 21, 2013 – ForgeRock Inc., a pioneer of open source identity and access management (IAM) through its Open Identity Stack, today announced its ForgeRock Sun Replacement Program, the company’s complete upgrade and migration program to help organizations strategically plan a replacement for their Sun IAM deployment. In light of Oracle’s announcement regarding support for several Sun IAM products, thousands of companies faced either a possible full rip and replace of their IAM infrastructure, or a potentially expensive subscription to Oracle’s “Life-Time Support”—until now. Through the Sun Replacement Program, ForgeRock provides a viable alternative, giving organizations the opportunity to continue building next-generation features on top of their existing IAM investment with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf product.

ForgeRock Open Identity Stack (OIS) is built on Sun IAM source code, enabling ForgeRock to offer Sun customers a straightforward upgrade process, including direct upgrade from portions of the Sun portfolio to ForgeRock products. Standardizing on the ForgeRock platform not only helps organizations continue their Sun investment, but also strongly positions them for future IAM requirements around cloud, social, mobile and SaaS applications.

ForgeRock’s Sun Replacement Assessment helps customers get the replacement process started by examining their current IAM architecture and business processes. Once the assessment is complete, customers receive recommendations that can be used for internal planning and budgeting.

“We were relieved when we didn’t have to disrupt the build out of our eGovernment program, securely connecting nearly 3 million Norwegian citizens to over 300 online government services,” said Tor Alvik, Fag Direktør, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) Norway. “Because ForgeRock’s stack is built on the same source code as Sun IAM, our transition to Open Identity Stack has been a streamlined and painless process.”

Using an open source development model, ForgeRock created the only agile, integrated IAM solution that is simple to implement and architected from the ground up for Internet scale. ForgeRock’s commercial subscription license customers have access to unlimited support, patches/upgrades and hotfixes, community support, and legal indemnification without any barrier to exit or vendor lock-in.

“Our goal is to create a ubiquitous, unified open identity stack that can easily replace traditional, proprietary identity management suites,” said Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock. “With ForgeRock’s Sun Replacement program, we are furthering that goal by helping organizations using Sun IAM to continue to build their infrastructure, while minimizing their service costs and continuing to offer new updates and features.”

The ForgeRock Sun Replacement program is available immediately and all Oracle customers are eligible for special price discounts through August 31, 2013. Visit ForgeRock’s Sun Replacement site for more information or join us next month at the ForgeRock Open Identity Summit to meet the community and hear about their successes.