ForgeRock Introduces the Industry’s First Identity Relationship Management Platform

Open source identity and access management provider delivers mobile-ready platform for deploying borderless consumer services across any platform, any device, and any Internet connected “thing.”

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE November 5, 2013) – ForgeRock Inc., today announced the first-ever Identity Relationship Management (IRM) platform, built with ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack, the only integrated open IAM stack on the market. ForgeRock’s next-generation IRM platform is designed to empower CEOs and enterprises to rapidly enable new revenue-generating services via a secure, lightweight identity management system, anywhere, on any device, and in any environment.

ForgeRock supports unbounded scalability, contextual intelligence, and agile development in its IRM platform, which allows organizations to generate applications and bring services to market faster and with more flexibility, driving top-line revenue growth. Additionally, ForgeRock is releasing its latest access management product, OpenAM 11.0, which includes enhancements enabling the deployment of mobile identities across i0S7 and Android platforms.

“The “Internet of Things” is completely redefining how user identities are delivered to applications, devices, and “things.” The shift from Identity and Access Management to Identity Relationship Management is about shifting from the classic ‘castle defense’ to identity as business enabler,” said Joni Brennan, executive director, Kantara Initiative. “Recognizing this shift, we’re excited to see that ForgeRock is addressing the emerging and critical business need for easy access to applications and services for customers.”

Traditional identity and access management (IAM) services were built for an organization’s internal use, controlling access to data and systems behind the firewall. Now, with businesses looking for increased engagement with customers, the number of people and devices that require access to sensitive information is growing rapidly. Organizations can support this change by evolving their IAM systems, which will help build value for these companies by providing efficient and secure customer and partner-facing services.

“Competitive advantage will now be determined by an organization’s ability to rapidly verify and manage the identities of consumers, partners, employees, and devices, anytime and anywhere, based on context,” said Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock. “Legacy identity platforms were designed to solve a completely different problem – securing employee and partner identities behind the firewall. ForgeRock’s IRM platform is designed to help CIOs address these new business challenges at Internet Scale.”

Updated Stack for Increased Scalability and Adaptive Intelligence

The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack is the only open source IRM platform, ensuring that the software is both transparent and innovative. The stack consists of four core products – OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM, and Bridge Service Provider Edition (SPE). The latest version of the new OpenAM 11.0 includes:

  • Modular: OpenAM now includes the richest set of REST APIs compared to any other access management product, allowing for efficient and rapid development of new applications and services, ready for deployment in the cloud and on mobile devices.
  • Borderless: Mobile enhancements include full support of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, modern protocols that enable the most efficient method for developing secure native or HTML5 mobile applications optimized for bandwidth and CPU.
  • Internet Scale: Best-in-class Session Failover provides the highest level of operational performance to ensure users are always online and connected across geographically distributed data centers.
  • Contextual: Advanced mobile security to support banking-grade applications and services, including two-factor and adaptive authentication.

About ForgeRock

ForgeRock creates identity relationship management solutions for the modern Web including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and enterprise and mobile environments. ForgeRock products support mission-critical operations with a fully open source platform. ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack powers solutions for many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. For more information and free downloads, visit or follow ForgeRock on Twitter at