ForgeRock Releases OpenAM 9.5

  • First fully community-sourced release of OpenAM now available
  • More than 18 months of innovations and engineering efforts has delivered an enterprise production environment alternative for Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8 customers

OSCON – PORTLAND, Ore. – July 22, 2010 – ForgeRock today announced general availability of OpenAM 9.5 software, the latest release of the OpenAM access management product, part of the I3 Platform. This represents the first full release of OpenAM since ForgeRock commenced sponsorship of the open source OpenAM project and provides a smooth migration option for Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8 users. The latest version can be obtained from downloads.

“This is an important milestone for the OpenAM community” said Simon Phipps, chief strategy officer at ForgeRock. “This achievement marks the first fully community-sourced release of OpenAM. We’re very pleased that users of OpenSSO Enterprise 8 can easily and freely migrate to OpenAM 9.5 now that the updates have been made.”

More than 18 months of innovation and engineering efforts have produced a release that is ready for an enterprise production environment. These updates include industry-leading capabilities in fine-grained authorization based on XACML, enterprise single sign-on, a new monitoring framework, and enhanced multi-platform support. There are also significant enhancements to speed, reliability, performance, and the underlying replication architecture with major changes including:

  • The embedded configuration store now utilizes the OpenDS 2.3 engine.
  • Significant development work has been done in the federation implementation, with enhanced IdP Proxy support. When configured as a SAML2 IdP Proxy, OpenAM 9.5 has the ability to present a list of IdPs that can fulfill the authentication request, enabling users to interactively select their preferred IdP. The OpenAM implementation is based on the OASIS committee draft, which supports the representations of Levels of Assurance (LOA) of the remote IdPs.
  • All issues that were reported fixed in any of the updates to the Sun Enterprise version, and not in the OpenSSO release, have been addressed. This is very significant for customers who are currently using OpenSSO Enterprise 8, with updates or patches from Sun, and now want to move up to OpenAM because they are now able to easily migrate to the ForgeRock platform.

In addition, a number of smaller improvements have been added, to the core product, as well as to the agents. Notably, agents are now on a nightly build schedule, for all supported platforms, allowing implementors rapid access to incremental improvements provided by community participants.

About ForgeRock

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