ForgeRock Signs Consulting, Training and Reseller Partnership with First Point Global to Deliver Open Source Identity and Access Management Software Solutions

Expands Presence in Asia Pacific; Offers Smooth Migration Option for Sun Microsystems’ OpenSSO and OpenDS Users

PORTLAND, Ore. – February 23, 2011 – ForgeRock, the dynamic global open source company with offices in the US, UK, France and Norway today announced that it has entered into a partnership with First Point Global, the identity and access management solutions company. Under the terms of the agreement, First Point Global will be the first company in Australia and New Zealand to deliver consulting and training services in support of ForgeRock’s open source identity and access management (IAM) portfolio thus offering a smooth migration path for former Sun Microsystems customers following the acquisition of Sun by Oracle in early 2010.

As a result of ForgeRock’s sponsorship and commitment to Sun’s identity management product development roadmap, Sun’s OpenSSO and OpenDS software projects continue to thrive in ForgeRock’s integrated I3 Open Platform as OpenAM, the market leading open source authentication, authorisation, entitlement and federation solution, and OpenDJ, a LDAPv3 compliant, Java-based directory server – both rebranded for trademark reasons.

In addition, ForgeRock recently announced the launch of OpenIDM, an identity management and user provisioning solution, and the third pillar of its IAM portfolio. OpenIDM milestone 1 provides Web-based enterprise provisioning capabilities to a wide range of IT systems and resources such as databases, directories, ERP-systems and access management suites all accessible by administrators and users via a customizable web 2.0 (AJAX) user interface. OpenIDM integrates with OpenAM and OpenDJ but can also be used independently.

According to Lasse Andresen, CEO of ForgeRock, “We’ve already seen huge interest from Australia, both from former Sun customers left without a viable solution and from others drawn by the scalable, reliable and open source I3 platform. First Point Global’s commitment as a trusted adviser to customers, outstanding leadership and technical expertise will ensure this partnership provides a way to meet customer needs.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with ForgeRock and very excited about what it means for the Sun user community in our region” said John Havers, CEO and founder of First Point Global. “The alliance allows Sun customers to restore continuity to their initiatives which were disrupted by the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Customers now have options. And where there are options, there is competition, better products and better value. Customers win.

“Our partnership with ForgeRock is an example of First Point Global’s best of breed market approach which offers customers next-generation technologies from the best people and the best start-ups from around the world.” he added.

The first regional, public OpenAM Deployment Workshop is scheduled to take place in Sydney 12-15 April 2011. To enquire or enroll email: [email protected].

About ForgeRock

A global company with bases in the UK, USA and Norway, ForgeRock is committed to continuity of innovation and service for the existing and new open source interaction, identity, and integration software found within the I3 platform. ForgeRock provides customers with enterprise-class subscriptions for the platform as well as training and access to an extensive partner community. For more information, visit

About First Point Global

First Point Global is a leading independent identity and access management (IAM) solutions company. It helps organisations manage key information assets for measurable commercial outcomes including access management for compliance and audit; automated user provisioning for increased operational efficiency and cost savings; and enhanced access enablement and control for extended business reach. First Point Global partners with best of breed technology companies to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities and services. Its customers include major banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, retail, education and government organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Visit to learn more.