ForgeRock Simplifies the Process for Companies to Migrate from Legacy Products to a Modern Identity Solution

San Francisco – March 11, 2020 – ForgeRock®, the leading provider in digital identity, today announced new tools to help enterprise customers quickly and easily migrate identity and access management (IAM) capabilities from legacy vendors, such as Oracle or CA Technologies, to ForgeRock’s more secure and flexible platform. 

The Modernize IAM Accelerators mitigate the costly and time-consuming process of moving away from legacy systems, helping to make migration seamless and invisible to users. 

“Organizations often delay updating or replacing their legacy identity systems, assuming they must migrate everything at once and cause massive disruption to users and the organization,” said Peter Barker, chief product officer, ForgeRock. “However, the ForgeRock Modernize IAM Accelerators enable organizations to transition to a modern IAM environment at their own pace and avoid interrupting the user experience or causing operational impact.” 

Tackling the Legacy IAM Challenge 
Legacy IAM software slows digital transformation efforts. Siloed and inflexible identity solutions increase security risks and provide suboptimal user experiences while interoperability and scaling issues inflate operating costs. However, legacy IAM software can’t be ripped out and replaced overnight. The risk, expense, and time required to retire these solutions and implement entirely new ones is a significant challenge for most organizations.

The Modernize IAM Accelerators Solution
The ForgeRock Modernize IAM Accelerators enable legacy IAM systems to coexist with a modern IAM platform, giving organizations the ability to migrate to ForgeRock without disruption to users. They are a pluggable, open source framework that can support multiple patterns of co-existence with and migration from most legacy IAM systems, by providing Single Sign On (SSO), Just In Time (JIT) User Migration, and Bulk User Migration. Just in Time (JIT) helps organizations save time and effort without sacrificing users’ productivity, particularly when a bulk export of passwords is not possible. 

Included in the Modernize IAM Accelerators are two bidirectional coexistence toolkits supporting SSO & JIT (Core and Edge), and a bulk user migration toolkit. Customers can choose the optimal toolkit (or combination of toolkits) based on their selected migration strategy.  

For all three toolkits, ForgeRock has developed a pluggable framework that can be extended to specific legacy systems with included Plug Ins. Additional Plug Ins can be developed by customers and partners since the assets are open source.   

Depending on an organization’s needs in modernizing IAM, these solutions can help with the success of  digital transformation by reducing time and cost-intensive barriers to success. 

ForgeRock Modernize IAM Accelerators are available today. See for details.  


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