ForgeRock Unveils Preview of Cloud Foundry Service Broker

Building on the OpenAM project, identity industry leader extends portability of identity across cloud services

San Francisco, CA – May, 24 2016 - ForgeRock®, the leading open platform provider of identity management solutions, today announced the preview of a new Cloud Foundry service broker that allows externally deployed ForgeRock solutions to protect applications and microservices running in Cloud Foundry. Developers working on the Cloud Foundry platform can now easily ensure a persistent identity that is portable across clouds for people-to-service and service-to-service (API-to-API) use cases. The service broker preview supports standards, including OAuth2, for enabling protection of applications running on all variants of Cloud Foundry. It is a lightweight, simple way to protect RESTful microservices, which are becoming an increasingly popular architecture for application development.

“We’re excited to announce this significant new contribution to the OpenAM open source project,” said Lasse Andresen, Chief Technology Officer of ForgeRock “To date, identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud has been relegated to options baked-in to specific cloud platforms. The promise of cloud, however, is ubiquity and persistence, and developers need to be able to move from one cloud to another as priorities dictate. The new service broker ensures maximum flexibility for using strong digital identity to protect applications and microservices across the full range of platform-as-a-service cloud architectures.”

“Great to see that ForgeRock is extending its open source-based ForgeRock Identity Platform to the platform-as-a-service ecosystem, and becoming multi-cloud ready,” said Marco Hochstrasser, Head of Cloud Platform Development at Swisscom and board member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. “This service broker project demonstrates a firm commitment to the Cloud Foundry-based ecosystem, and will ultimately simplify the cloud journey for developers, enterprises and endusers alike.”

“As organizations increasingly adopt cloud offerings for critical business operations from public and private providers it becomes essential to have a persistent identity that is portable across multiple clouds,” said Mike Ellis, ForgeRock’s Chief Executive Officer. “This service broker project allows organizations to easily extend identity context to Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud platform as a service (PaaS) on which developers can build, deploy, run and scale applications on public and private cloud models, a core element of any cloud strategy.”

The open source code for the service broker preview is accessible through GitHub, and ForgeRock welcomes feedback on the project. For more information, please visit the ForgeRock blog. The service broker preview and IAM for cloud deployments will be discussed at ForgeRock’s upcoming UnSummit, taking place in San Francisco on June 1st. More information on the ForgeRock Identity Summit Series is accessible here.


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