Global OpenICF Open Source Identity Connector Community Launched

OSLO, Norway – May 10, 2011 – ForgeRock, the open source identity-oriented middleware company, joined with a global community of contributors today to launch a new open source community, OpenICF, to host multi-purpose connectors using the well-established Identity Connector Framework (ICF). The OpenICF Project will make interoperability between identity, compliance and risk management solutions easier and more reliable. The community can be found at

Key facts:

  • The new OpenICF community is hosted courtesy of ForgeRock and welcomes community members to actively take part in the development of existing and new connectors.
  • The Identity Connector Framework was originally created by Sun Microsystems to help promote development of connectors for identity provisioning uses.
  • An ICF Connector allows provisioning software such as OpenIDM to manage identities maintained by a specific identity provider. ICF connectors provide a consistent layer between target resources and applications and expose a set of programming functions for the full lifecycle of an identity.
  • ICF connectors are by design compatible with OpenIDM, Sun Identity Manager and Oracle Waveset as well as Brinqa GRC Platform.
  • The existing ICF code and connectors are CDDL-licensed Open Source software. New work in the community will continue to use CDDL.
  • ICF is an integral part of the open source OpenIDM provisioning project and ForgeRock have added a number of connectors already, including connectors for Tivoli Access Manager, RACF as well as a scriptable SQL connector for general use via JDBC.
  • Brinqa’s governance, risk management, and compliance products provide connectors based on ICF for controls testing.
  • Initial community members include ForgeRock, Brinqa (USA), First Point Global (Australia), Nulli Secundus (Canada), TOOLS.LV (Latvia), nLight (Slovakia), Kogit (Germany), Syntegrity Network (USA). The community is open to all.


  • “Open source allows many companies to collaborate over common code and thus strengthen their individual business opportunities in ways they could never achieve alone. OpenICF represents another great example of open source in action for ForgeRock”, said Simon Phipps, Chief Strategy Officer at ForgeRock.
  • “ForgeRock is excited to carry forward the ICF technology and community by hosting OpenICF and including the connectors as a core component to OpenIDM.”, said Jamie Nelson, VP Product Management at ForgeRock.
  • “The connection layer between regulations, policies, and the IT assets they govern is critical to the success of every governance, risk management, and compliance program. Brinqa’s connectors leverage ICF to automate the testing of IT controls enabling Brinqa’s customers to reduce the costs associated with custom development while increasing the quality and availability of the data they are collecting“ said Amad Fida, CEO at Brinqa.
  • “We are pleased to support the OpenICF Project being launched today by our partner ForgeRock” said Derek Small, President and CEO at Nulli Secundus. “We plan on contributing feature rich connectors to OpenICF on an on-going basis so that customers using OpenIDM and other Identity provider products, like Oracle WaveSet (formerly known as Sun Identity Manager), can leverage the collective knowledge of our team and other open source community contributors to the project”. For more information visit
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