Global Survey Confirms Enterprise Businesses Increasingly Adopt ForgeRock for Customer-Facing Identity Management

TechValidate Highlights Customer-Experience Use Cases and Ranks ForgeRock Superior for Scalability, Speed of Deployment and Reliability

SAN FRANCISCO – August 3, 2015 – ForgeRock®, the leading open platform provider of identity management solutions, today announced results of a recent survey of its customer base conducted by TechValidate, which found that ForgeRock outperformed its competitors in speed of deployment, scalability and reliability. The ForgeRock-commissioned TechValidate survey of hundreds of ForgeRock customers included multi-national brands and government agencies distributed across 28 countries. The majority of respondents, 70 percent, have adopted ForgeRock to meet their current and future public-facing needs, such as managing the digital identities of their customers and citizens, and driving new digital transformation business initiatives.

Key survey results, which confirmed that ForgeRock offers the most complete platform, also included the following:

  • 91 percent of surveyed organizations rated ForgeRock’s speed of deployment as superior or better compared to the competition
  • 96 percent of surveyed organizations rated ForgeRock’s scalability as superior or better compared to the competition
  • 92 percent of surveyed organizations rated ForgeRock’s reliability as superior or better compared to the competition
  • 70 percent of surveyed organizations had a payback period of a year-and-a-half or less with ForgeRock

Specifically, 88 percent of customers put their identity projects into production in less than a year, and 65 percent deployed their projects in under six months.

Top Four Benefits of the ForgeRock Identity Platform

The top benefit of the ForgeRock platform customers cited is improved security and management of user identities (51 percent). This is followed by consolidating customer data into a single identity platform (41 percent), scaling to support more users (39 percent), and satisfying the identity requirements of projects tied to revenue (31 percent).¹

“Identity today is much more than security. It is a core differentiator that uses identity attributes and context to transform how customers engage with your business,” said Mike Ellis, ForgeRock CEO. “It’s gratifying to see TechValidate confirm ForgeRock’s ability to consolidate the security and management of all user identities – not just employees, but also customers and connected devices – through one scalable platform. We believe this is a core differentiator and why we win against competing legacy vendors.”

Customer Case Studies

TechValidate’s results provide an in-depth look into why individual organizations select ForgeRock for their identity management projects.

Telecommunications Services Company

The main challenges facing one enterprise telecommunications organization looking for an IAM solution included finding:

  • A vendor who could offer a full identity and access management platform
  • A platform proven to scale to millions of users
  • A flexible solution able to adapt to current environments and future needs
  • A lightweight, standards-based platform
  • A solution that could support mobile users

Ultimately, the organization selected ForgeRock’s OpenAM and OpenDJ products; as a result, its developers were able to tie projects to revenue, improve security and management of user identities, consolidate the identity data of their customers onto one platform and scale to support more users. In addition, the development team improved customer satisfaction, decreased the time needed to deploy new services and improved the ability to secure digital assets.

When asked how ForgeRock compares to its competitors, the customer confirmed that ForgeRock’s support team resolves support requests faster, that it was able to deploy ForgeRock’s solutions faster, that ForgeRock understood its customer-facing identity requirements better than the competition and that the total cost of ForgeRock’s identity solution is comparatively low.

The executive surveyed said, “(Using ForgeRock) We were able to capture a better view of services that a client has by integrating authentication of services.”

Insurance Company

An insurance company's set of requirements were similar to those of the customer cited above. The company preferred a vendor that could provide a full IAM platform able to scale to millions of users. The platform had to be lightweight, standards-based, and flexible enough to adapt to the current environment and to future needs.

TechValidate’s survey revealed that as a result of selecting OpenAM and OpenDJ, the insurance company successfully deployed its project in less than six months. In addition, the customer improved security and management of user identities, consolidated the identity data of customers to one platform, improved customer satisfaction, improved support for mobile users and improved its ability to secure digital assets.

The insurance company said, “ForgeRock has allowed us to greatly improve our customer online experience.”

Additional customer comments:

“Instead of a fixed black-box legacy application, we now have an open-source extensible solution. Centralized identity management has prepared us for future business initiatives (including mobile).”

Source: Enterprise Architect, logistics information services company

“ForgeRock allows us to quickly and economically implement a scalable authentication platform that will meet our changing needs for the next several years.”

Source: IT Manager, insurance company

“ForgeRock allowed us to consolidate onto a single platform, which supported both our legacy applications and new emerging applications.”

Source: Engineer, enterprise telecommunications services company

“The fact that OpenAM is open source means that organizations can make changes as needed. We aren’t required to wait for a vendor to add functionality we need. It also allows for the community to dig deep into bugs.”

Source: Engineer, non-profit company

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¹ This was a multiple choice question; response percentages may not add up to 100.

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