Technology Partners Demonstrate Support for ForgeRock Trust Network

More than 50 Partners Join Program in One Year, Forming Largest Identity Ecosystem

San Francisco – December 3, 2018 - At Gartner IAM, the leading Identity and Access Management conference, ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity solutions, today announced a milestone in welcoming 54 technology partners to its Trust Network. Many Trust Network partners are demonstrating integrations with the ForgeRock Identity Platform at booth #301 on the conference floor. 

The following is a sampling of enthusiasm from the ForgeRock Trust Network Technology Partners:

“Not only has ForgeRock achieved what many thought was once impossible in the CIAM arena, they've done it at immense scale with a strong partner ecosystem. We've seen strong demand from customers eliminating passwords by deploying HYPR Decentralized Authentication alongside Forgerock - and the Trust Network has been a crucial element in accelerating time to value,” said George Avetisov, CEO HYPR

Nakul Munjal, CEO at Status Identity, a specialist in context aware access controls, said “The technical support we have received from ForgeRock for integration efforts has been exemplary. We’re delighted to help enterprises deploy completely passive elevated access controls with our cloud MFA service.” 

Antonio Virzì, CEO of biid, said, “We are very excited by the opportunities we are seeing in the market as a result of the collaboration between ForgeRock and biid. The biid Mobile ID Platform is the perfect add-on to the ForgeRock CIAM ecosystem, delivering best in class customer experience to on-board new digital users and allow them to authenticate online, authorise transactions, sign legal documents, provide informed consent and much more. We look forward to extending the scope of this collaboration in the coming months and we congratulate ForgeRock for the proven success of their Trust Network program.”

“We're excited to join the host of forward-thinking partners in ForgeRock's Trust Network. Together we hope to unlock the full potential of digital identities, making life safer and simpler for people all around the world," said Paco Garcia, Chief Technology Officer at Yoti

Antony Bream, Global Head of Enterprise Sales and New Business, AimBrain, said, "Partnering with ForgeRock lets us architect bespoke identity management solutions that extend beyond AimBrain’s proprietary biometric authentication modules. Organizations will benefit from a comprehensive and powerful ‘digital identity plus authentication’ solution, combining visible and invisible checkpoints to validate and maintain a user’s trusted state from onboarding onwards, reducing fraud without risking customer attrition. We’re delighted to be part of the ForgeRock Trust Network, a world-class body of leaders in identity management." 

Josh Rose, Chief Technology Officer at FaceTec, a leader in 3D Face Authentication, said, “Being part of the ForgeRock Trust Network means that our products are introduced to potential customers at the right time in their development cycles. And with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, integrating our iBeta/ISO 30107-3 certified authentication solution, ZoOm® 3D Face Login, is simple and straightforward for customers.” 

“Our partnership and integration with ForgeRock enables joint customers to automate and safely scale Identity Threat Protection for compliance with NIST 800-63B and protection against the emerging threat of credential stuffing attacks,” said Steve Tout, Chief Executive Officer of VeriClouds. “The support we received from ForgeRock during development and QA of our integration was world class, evidence that customers should expect superior protection and service from the ForgeRock Trust Network.”

“Behavioral biometrics is changing the way we think about identity and access management, and is playing a major role in managing the online user journey - from onboarding to authentication and ongoing monitoring of an online session," said Howard Edelstein, Chairman and CEO of BioCatch. "BioCatch today services many of the world’s leading and most recognizable financial brands, and our integration into ForgeRock will make it easy for other enterprises to adopt these latest innovations.”

“We are thrilled to be part of ForgeRock’s Trust Network Program,” said Hakan Nordfjell, Senior Vice President Digital Banking for Gemalto, a world leader in Digital Security. “The integration of Gemalto’s solutions for risk management and strong authentication with the ForgeRock Platform for Digital Identity management enables us both to address the Digital Banking market with a consistent and future-proof offer.”

"Socure is excited to supply our cutting edge machine-learning identity verification, KYC and fraud prediction solution to ForgeRock’s powerful Identity Platform," said Johnny Ayers, Co-Founder and SVP for Socure. "This powerful combination ensures that only fully verified users will be onboarded through the ForgeRock provisioning process with the highest accuracy available. We look forward to being part of the ForgeRock Trust Network and deploying our combined solution broadly across the market.” 

Ran Wasserman, CTO at Securedtouch, a leader in Behavioural Biometrics, said  “Partnering with ForgeRock has been a force multiplier for us that has strengthened relationships with our existing customers and opened doors to new customers. The integration has brought us into their strong ecosystem and allows an easier integration for our customers. ForgeRock's Partner program is very well organized and it is a pleasure to work together.” 

"ForgeRock is the bridge to the enterprise for our customers," said Pieter Ennes, co-founder and CEO of Authentiq, a startup that offers strong authentication without passwords. "While most clients initially come to Authentiq to authenticate end users, they're always delighted to learn that they can use ForgeRock to get rid of passwords internally as well." 

“Being part of the ForgeRock Trust Network has a tremendous value for our go to market strategy,” said Carlo Capello, Chief Executive Officer at ProxToMe, a leader in proximity authentication. “Our customers and prospects appreciate knowing our integration with ForgeRock is tested and proven; with very little effort they can use our technology to securely connect people with things while delivering an amazing user experience.” 

Bam Azizi, CTO at NoPassword, said, “We are excited about joining ForgeRock Trust Network, and look forward to a partnership that will improve customer experience, enhance security, and meet evolving regulatory requirements. NoPassword integration with ForgeRock is a strategic step which leverages the two companies strengths and provides our current and future customers with the best of both solutions. We've seen strong interest and positive feedback from our customers who integrate NoPassword frictionless Multi-factor Authentication solution with the ForgeRock Identity Platform.” 

“The world is going passwordless, and ForgeRock and inBay are collaborating to make it happen,” said Shane Young, Chief Executive Officer at inBay Technologies®, a leader in passwordless authentication. “In joining ForgeRock Trust Network we see a great union between the ForgeRock Identity Platform and inBay’s idQ Enterprise®, a secure and frictionless authentication solution. The partnership with ForgeRock strengthens our response to the needs of our clients in the Finance/Fintech and Digital Health industries, for whom solutions that are ‘good enough’ simply won’t cut it.”

“ForgeRock provides a strong identity management platform for us to extend URQUi, so organizations needing to authenticate to GDPR standards for privacy can easily transition,” said Lorraine McGregor, CEO of URQUi, a leader in dataless, anonymous, one to many authentication. “Customers appreciate the stamp-of-approval that comes from knowing our integration is tested and proven, another valuable differentiator of being invited to be part of the ForgeRock Trust Network.” 

Blake Brannon, VP Product at OneTrust, the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology platform, said, “Our alliance with ForgeRock enables us to bring together two best of breed solutions to tackle the unique privacy regulation challenges. Customers can now bring together the ForgeRock Identity Platform with the OneTrust Consent and Preference Management solution for a seamless user experience that achieves regulatory requirements for the GDPR, CCPA and other global privacy laws. We’re proud to be a part of the ForgeRock Trust Membership and look forward to our continued partnership to deliver seamless, user-experience rich and regulatory compliant solutions for our customers.” 

“Our partnership with ForgeRock is all about making it easier for our customers fast-tracking their digital transformation,” said Dewald Nolte, chief commercial officer at Entersekt, an innovator in mobile-first fintech solutions. “The ForgeRock Trust Network provides banks the assurance that our highly advanced mobile app security, authentication, and digital signing technologies integrate seamlessly with a market-leading identity management platform. They, in turn, can leverage the trusted digital identities we together pin down to improve customer experiences and design entirely new ones to boost satisfaction and increase revenue. Congratulations to ForgeRock for reaching this milestone after only a year!” 

John Rome, CEO of Intensity Analytics, an innovator in passive behavioral authentication, said, “We’ve experienced enthusiastic response from customers looking to add behavioral, frictionless authentication solutions on the ForgeRock Identity Platform. We look forward to continuing collaboration in the future and congratulate them on the success of the ForgeRock Trust Network.” 

“Integration with ForgeRock provides a logical extension for customers looking to leverage the Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite for cost-effective, future-proof and standards-based authentication solutions in federated environments," said Dr. Rolf Lindemann, Senior Director, Products and Technology for Nok Nok Labs, the trusted leader in next-generation authentication. "Customers value knowing that the Nok Nok S3 Suite is tested and proven, a prerequisite of participating in the ForgeRock Trust Network.” 

“At Trusted Key, we are building a future of secure and trusted digital identity for high-value ecosystems across industries and we are pleased to join ForgeRock in their efforts towards this aim. ForgeRock’s identity management technology closely aligns with the innovative Trusted Key platform that helps enterprises and consumers to maintain full control over their personal information when doing business online. We are pleased to support the ForgeRock Trust Network as we mutually drive strong digital trust online for our customers,” said Amit Jasuja, CEO of Trusted Key, a leader in a blockchain-based secure digital identity. 

“Joining the ForgeRock Trust Network is a major milestone for Samsung SDS. We’re thrilled to be able to offer customers a frictionless authentication and enhanced security experience through the seamless integration of our Samsung SDS Nexsign™ Biometric Authentication solution and ForgeRock’s leading platform,” said Michael Poitner, Director, Financial Services, Samsung SDS

Sami Ahvenniemi, Chief Customer Officer at SSH.COM, the leader in next-generation Privileged Access Management, said, “Joining the ForgeRock Trust Network was a natural step for us. Together we bring the power of Intelligent Authentication to a new audience: the developers and admins who create and manage the digital customer experiences that drive the digital transformation. DevSecOps makes traditional Privileged Access Management solutions obsolete and together ForgeRock and SSH.COM offer a seamless solution that is a step ahead of the competition.”

Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare® Systems, Inc. said, “We congratulate ForgeRock for their leading customer-focused IAM solution, and now for their successful partner ecosystem, the ForgeRock Trust Network. The scalability and flexibility of the ForgeRock Identity Platform complement the scalability and flexibility of ImageWare’s GoVerifyID® 2FA, MFA, and biometric authentication solution, enabling successful large-scale deployments that truly validate the users’ identity.” 

“Strong Authentication (MFA) has become a critical part of modern Identity & Access Management projects,” said Jeff Sherwood, Director of Business Development for inWebo North America. “We are very excited to partner with Forgerock, a global leader in IAM & CIAM, and thus to deliver a certified interoperability between ForgeRockAM and inWebo MFA platform. It will greatly help ForgeRock customers meet their compliance requirements while reducing the time and costs needed to protect their applications, as well as the pain for internal and external users.” 

Further information about the program, including links for prospective partners to apply, can be found at

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