Accelerating Zero Trust with ForgeRock Autonomous Identity


With today’s newest release of ForgeRock Autonomous Identity, we continue to advance the way artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make our customers’ lives easier. This commitment to innovation helps enterprises reduce risk and more efficiently manage workforce access. Autonomous Identity’s AI-driven approach to identity governance and administration (IGA) offers new capabilities to help security and IT teams to increase an organization’s security posture by avoiding excessive access permissions and privileges. 

Learn more about the new ForgeRock Autonomous Identity release by joining our upcoming webinar, “A New Era: Maximizing Zero Trust with AI-Driven Role Management. 

Role-based Access Control’s (RBAC) Failed Promise  

Over the past decade, global organizations have leveraged traditional IGA and RBAC solutions to simplify the process of managing user identities and workforce access permissions. While RBAC has helped reduce administrative work and improve regulatory compliance, its effectiveness erodes over time due to its manual, labor-intensive approach. This approach fails to keep up with identities at scale within today’s fluid business environments, where employees frequently change jobs and organizations. This results in overprovisioned access, orphaned accounts, and entitlement creep, which can lead to increased cyber risks.

AI-Driven Approach to Zero Trust and Role-based Access Control 

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity leverages AI and machine learning to reduce enterprise risk by discovering role-based access patterns across the entire organization and recommending optimized role structures. These specific role recommendations help ensure that users have the level of access they need while increasing the organization’s security posture. 

With Autonomous Identity, organizations can effectively enforce least privilege access that restricts access to only the resources required for an employee or a contractor to do their job. Implementing AI-driven RBAC ensures that users have appropriate access permissions and privileges. If more access is needed, it can easily be requested, granted, or even taken away. This dynamic approach to RBAC successfully implements the "trust nothing, verify everything" model that further minimizes the attack surface from insider and external threats. 
Unlike other identity analytics solutions, Autonomous Identity can analyze and recommend new dynamic roles, rules, and role memberships in a few weeks. Whereas, traditional identity analytics solutions can only recommend static roles after months or years of human, manual analysis. As a result, these traditional solutions cannot provide organizations a path to least privilege access or Zero Trust. Autonomous Identity helps organizations achieve a better Zero Trust security posture with the following role management benefits and capabilities: 

  • Quickly discover role access patterns across the enterprise with AI-driven identity analytics 
  • Reduce risk exposure by identifying high-risk roles and role combinations with AI-powered views. 
  • Improve security decision making by understanding the composition of low-, medium-, and high-confidence roles with AI-enhanced visibility. 
  • Maximize role coverage with high-quality role definitions based on high-confidence access patterns.
  • Reduce operational costs by customizing risk criteria without the need of a data scientist.
  • Increase least privilege access with AI-driven role recommendations and impact analysis.

Accelerate Your Zero Trust Security 

Understanding the challenges of traditional RBAC and the best practices to address them is crucial for maximizing your IGA investments. Static IGA processes with limited context and visibility must become more flexible, scalable, and dynamic. Traditional RBAC must modernize by augmenting manual role management with automation and intelligence.  

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity provides what you need to modernize RBAC by leveraging AI and machine learning. There's no need to replace your IGA infrastructure. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity augments your existing IGA solution to improve your organization's user access visibility, agility, and productivity. Modernizing RBAC with ForgeRock helps you reduce operational costs, mitigate risks, and seamlessly accelerates you to a Zero Trust security model. 

To learn more about the new ForgeRock Autonomous Identity release, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar with leading IGA experts from ForgeRock and Accenture.