Advance Your Modernize IAM Program With ForgeRock's New Accelerators

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There’s more pressure than ever to compete in today’s digital market. New demands require new technology that is interoperable across digital ecosystems and is capable of knowing, securing, and serving your audience at any touchpoint. The foundation to enabling digital success is identity and access management (IAM), yet many organizations struggle with IAM software that is siloed, inflexible, and unable to scale beyond employees.

A Simple, Flexible Approach 

The demands of digital transformation require IAM technology that can seamlessly interoperate across your ecosystem, identifying and providing secure access to your customers, workforce, and things at any touchpoint. The prospect of migrating to a new solution is daunting. But, you don’t have to suffer the pain, risk, and expense of ripping out your legacy identity solutions to get the benefits you need to compete in the digital landscape. 

ForgeRock provides a simple, flexible approach that enables you to coexist and migrate legacy identity management systems to ForgeRock. With our standards-based IAM platform, you can quickly and easily build on your existing investments and streamline operations. Most importantly, you can make migration to ForgeRock seamless and invisible to your users.  

Modernize IAM Accelerators: Migrate Faster 

Available now as open source, the Modernize IAM Accelerators are designed to help customers migrate from legacy IAM systems to ForgeRock faster and with less expense. They are a set of open source tool kits and plug-ins that focus specifically on two areas of migration: user migration and single sign-on (SSO) between a legacy vendor and ForgeRock. Complex legacy deployments of IAM with many applications often require migration waves over time to minimize operational impact. This drives a need for a coexistence strategy between the legacy vendor and ForgeRock, which is enabled by SSO.  

There are two primary approaches to user migrations: bulk or just in time (JIT). With bulk, you move users over all at once. JIT allows users to be provisioned as they authenticate into the legacy system, and can help customers save time and effort without sacrificing user experience – especially when legacy systems can’t export passwords in a bulk fashion. 

New Tool Kits 

Included in the Modernize IAM Accelerators are three tool kits:

  • Bidirectional Coexistence – Core, which can manage tens or hundreds of legacy applications, so customers may choose migration waves to minimize the operational impact on production systems.
  • Bidirectional Coexistence  – Edge, which can be easily extended to support migrations from any legacy IAM platform that is capable of exposing client SDKs/APIs.
  • Bulk User Migration, which is a one-time and incremental import of user profiles from legacy LDAPv3 store or similar user stores to ForgeRock Directory Services (DS). 

Based on their selected migration strategy, customers can select the optimal tool kit (or combination of tool kits) .   

For all three tool kits, ForgeRock has developed a pluggable framework that can be extended to specific legacy systems with included plug-ins. Because the assets are open source, additional plug-ins can be developed by customers and partners.   

The accelerators are designed to have a significant impact in time-to-value around the design and build of SSO and user migration strategies. Get the details by reading our solution brief.

Learn more about modernizing legacy systems here, or contact your sales rep today.