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Apply to the ForgeRock Edge Security Early Access Program

Last week, we announced ForgeRock Edge Security, a way to deliver chip-to-cloud security for the internet of things (IoT). Hard-coded passwords, certificate-based authentication, weak encryption, and other challenges have resulted in insecure IoT deployments. Now, with ForgeRock Edge Security, organizations will be able to establish a hardware root-of-trust for their IoT deployments in order to establish and maintain trust of IoT devices and their communications. I wanted to highlight the ForgeRock Edge Security Early Access Program (EAP) as well. If you’re an IoT device manufacturer, an architect designing IoT systems, a company integrating IoT into your digital ecosystem, or just need to ensure the authenticity of IoT devices and data, I encourage you to sign up for the EAP. If selected to participate, you’ll work closely with our product team as we bring next generation IoT security to market.

Sign up to get more details on the program here.

View a replay of Security on the Edge: A New Way To Think About Securing the Internet of Things. Ashley Stevenson and Chris Kawalek from ForgeRock discuss how IoT is much more than smart homes and wearable devices; it also includes connected devices that operate at the edge in industries including automotive, energy, and manufacturing. Learn how identity principles can be used to secure IoT devices and dramatically increase trust in connected systems. It’s a whole new approach to IoT security.

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