Callsign Joins the ForgeRock Band

We want to extend congratulations to our technology partner Callsign on their announcement that they are integrating their Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) technology with the ForgeRock® Identity Platform™. Callsign is doing ground-breaking work with intelligent authentication based on devices, location, time of day, biometrics, and behaviors. Using these multiple parameters, Callsign’s Neural Engine can derive all kinds of measurements to understand who’s who in real time, and to help distinguish and pinpoint potentially malicious usage.

This level of fine-grained data fusion delivers truly adaptive authentication to provide frictionless access for genuine users (reducing false rejections), while introducing additional challenges for those that represent higher risks (reducing false acceptances). By capturing low-level data from the device, this capability represents the last-mile in fraud and security analytics. It can be used independently or as a feed into other meta fraud and security analysis and decisioning capabilities, this includes Transaction Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention, and Network Access Control.

The initial technical work referred to in the announcement includes integrating Callsign risk modules with ForgeRock’s Access Management module. Also, Callsign is integrating IDA with ForgeRock Identity Management in a way that will enable enterprise users to automatically provision and deprovision devices at scale, which is a critical capability for supporting Internet of Things use cases, and wherever large customer bases need to be secured, as with financial services enterprises or retailers.

We’re very happy to have Callsign joining the ForgeRock community - welcome to the band, mates!



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