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Tim Barber

Author: Tim Barber

The 5G Trust Equation: Network + Identity = Opportunity

Dec. 1, 2017

With 5G arriving as soon as 2018, the communications industry technology, standards, and business models will underpin significant portions of consumer and enterprise technology platforms. Those platforms need to be designed with identity, trust and security in mind, as they power a more connected, global ecosystem. With advances in networking, hardware and software technologies, inventions…

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Doug Norton-Bilsby

Author: Doug Norton-Bilsby

Commerce Platforms of the Future

Nov. 3, 2017

The commerce platforms retailers are embracing today look and function far differently than the commerce platforms retailers were using just 10 to 15 years ago. Charles Darwin made a clear and compelling statement an age ago when he said that it was not the strongest or most intelligent that will survive but the ones that are…

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Jessica Morrison

Author: Jessica Morrison

The ForgeRock Approach to CIAM

Oct. 27, 2017

Our recent big news is that the ForgeRock Identity Platform now features an interactive profile and privacy dashboard that will make it easier for you to come into compliance with the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation. (Check out our demo to see how it works). There are so many new capabilities built into the platform,…

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Jessica Morrison

Author: Jessica Morrison

The Profile and Privacy Dashboard for GDPR Compliance & What Else is New in the ForgeRock Identity Platform 5.5

Oct. 18, 2017

We’re announcing our new Profile and Privacy Dashboard for GDPR Compliance this morning.  The press release has the high-level details, but there are so many new features and capabilities in our latest platform that we weren’t able to fit everything in. Let’s go feature-by-feature so we’ve got all our 5.5 platform news in one spot:…

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John Donovan

Author: John Donovan

Hear Daniel Raskin on IoT Identity Challenges at the Singapore UnSummit

Sep. 10, 2017

Managing identity and access is a cornerstone of today’s digitally empowered enterprise. Making that capability stronger, smarter and more agile will only grow more important in the months and years ahead, as Internet of Things (IoT) devices – from health sensors to smart housewares to autonomous vehicles – become more and more prevalent. Our own…

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Lani Leuthvilay

Author: Lani Leuthvilay

How Social Identity Improves the Customer Experience – Four Points

Jun. 23, 2017

Organizations need to embrace digital transformation to evolve with the changing business landscape. A component of this change is the rapid adoption of social media. At ForgeRock, we understand people are social and customers love simple — so why not integrate the two to deliver a frictionless omni-channel customer experience? This is where the power…

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Jessica Morrison

Author: Jessica Morrison

ForgeRock Access Management 5.1 Delivers Open Banking Requirements for Financial Services

Jun. 14, 2017

The great thing about building on top of a standards-based identity platform is that organizations can focus on adding compelling business value further up the stack rather than spending cycles implementing foundational technology. This kind of flexibility becomes increasingly important across any number of business sectors as digital identity takes on a greater role in…

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Joachim Andres

Author: Joachim Andres

ForgeRock Service Broker 2.0 – Powerful, Centralized Security for Microservices and Applications on Cloud Foundry

Jun. 12, 2017

Today we announced general availability of the ForgeRock Service Broker 2.0 for Cloud Foundry. This update to our Cloud Foundry integration capabilities will make it easier for developers to identity-enable their Cloud Foundry applications. The new service broker takes advantage of Cloud Foundry Route Services. In their documentation, Cloud Foundry describes Route Services as “a kind…

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Javed Shah

Author: Javed Shah

Introducing ForgeRock Identity Microservices

Jun. 12, 2017

Microservices are becoming a favorite architectural choice to build and deploy applications as groups of modular, composable services. This progress is reinforced with the rise of the container technology Docker, which offers a lightweight form of virtualization, making applications easily portable across a variety of infrastructures. This growing popularity is illustrated in recent surveys of…

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Aron Kozak

Author: Aron Kozak

Industry 4.0 and the Role of Identity and Access Management

May. 11, 2017

Industry 4.0: One of the hotter topics in industrial computing, refers to the creation and usage of “smart factories.” The term Industry 4.0 was initially coined in 2011 as part of the German government’s strategy around the digitization of the manufacturing industry. As a concept it’s evolved somewhat, having also grown to include some of…

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