Cloud Deployment: Berlin Hosts A Workshop

Attendees at this year’s Berlin Identity Live Summit returned for a second day of talks at a second venue. Traditionally the UnSummit Day is not programmed; however this year's agenda was pre-filled with three tracks, all focusing on some aspect of cloud deployment. Presenters included PMs from ForgeRock and representatives from its partners.

The day opened with Mary Writz, VP of Product Management, providing a short question and answer session on ForgeRock's cloud roadmap.  She emphasized how ForgeRock has one great platform of identity tools with multiple ways to deploy, from on-prem to hybrid public/private clouds to a new ForgeRock-hosted service coming next year. Attendees then broke to attend one of three concurrent tracks.

Ludovic Poitou, Director of Product Management at ForgeRock, spoke about how ForgeRock directory services work as Docker images in the current ForgeRock 6.5 platform. These images can be used on public and private clouds today.

Microservices was the topic of a technical talk from Joachim Andres, Director of Product Management at ForgeRock. He explored how microservices, which he called the “identity edge,” work with both on-prem and cloud deployments.

IT Systems, a ForgeRock partner, talked about tools it has developed to test the ForgeRock OpenBanking Sandbox which is hosted in a cloud environment. The company representatives shared a demo of an automated tool that sends modeled data in and out of the sandbox and then evaluates the results. They said a similar tool was in development for the Berlin Group’s PSD2 requirements.

There were two talks around DevOps.  Daniel Deckers from Service Layer spoke about DevOps and how to build your CI/CD for the ForgeRock Identity stack. Marie-Catherine Lemke, a consultant from Acando, spoke about building agile CIAM projects by using virtual teams.  

And there were three talks around deployment and managed services. "Filling the Gap: From On Premise Deployments to Cloud-Based Managed Services " by Olivier Naveau, CEO of Paradigmo; “Deploying ForgeRock in the Cloud for Production" by Steve Giovannetti, CTO & Founder, Hub City Media; and "Consumer Data Management: Insights to Challenges and Solutions" by Heiko Klarl, CMO, IC Consult.  

At the end of the day, all the attendees gathered for two closing keynote talks. In the first, Ivaylo Bahtchevanov, Principal Data Scientist at ForgeRock, presented on his work with ForgeRock’s new data sciences team. He talked about how Machine Learning is being used to inform on customer data analytics and anomaly detection and showed examples of some of the early collections with which he is working.  

In the final keynote, Janelle Allen, Senior Product Manager at ForgeRock, explained the various steps we've taken so far as a company to host our own cloud service and what we've learned along the way.  Among the insights was the need to hire our own Site Reliability Engineers to make sure the hosted site stays up all the time, and also to build in best practices from such regulations as GDPR. ForgeRock is also using and building upon what it learned in creating and performance testing the Docker images and Kubernetes files for our 6.5 product.

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Who Is Robert Vamosi?

Who’s Robert?  He is an award-winning writer and author of two books on privacy and the identity of people and things.  As Senior Product Marketing Manager at ForgeRock he is extending our customer story into the cloud. Robert is a runner with thirteen marathons to his credit, and contemplating his next race.

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