Cloud Series: Design And Adjust Complex User Journeys Across All Your Digital Channels

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One of ForgeRock’s most popular features, authentication trees (also known as Intelligent Authentication), is even better in ForgeRock Identity Cloud. With our improved graphical authentication trees in the cloud, you can now construct a variety of complex ways for your users to login. Your users can be given the flexibility to choose the most convenient authentication method based on geography, device type, biometrics, and more. A simple and streamlined customer/user onboarding process, for example, can reduce the cost of acquisition, lower support effort, and improve overall customer experience. 

Intelligent Authentication allows for the creation of dynamic and personalized user flows by providing easy and intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities. That way, you can design and adjust user journeys for registration, authentication, and self-service to satisfy user populations across all your digital channels in one user interface. And, by partitioning off small segments of users, you can further innovate and create safe new ways to login with all the analytics you need to test your A/B testing hypothesis.

Intelligent Authentication 

Intelligent Authentication’s access orchestration enables you to:

  • Quickly consume out-of-the-box authenticators, use existing authenticators, integrate with cybersecurity solutions, and create custom authenticators.
  • Visually design user journeys for your workforce and consumers with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create a variety of security and risk profiles. 
  • Easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using digital signals, including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, analytics, and risk-based factors. 
  • Leverage user login analytics to increase user adoption rates and improve the customer experience.
  • Automatically redirect suspicious users for further monitoring.


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Combined Capabilities 

With Identity Cloud, we’ve provided more powerful combined capabilities in an interface that supports agility and rapid integration. Authentication trees, which are made up of authentication nodes, define actions taken during authentication. Each node performs a single task during authenticationfor example, collecting a username or making a simple decision based on a cookie. Simplified configuration also ensures that relevant compliance steps are included and the user's preferences are accurately recorded. Intelligent and, therefore, frictionless, approaches to enriching customer data can assist in building a cleaner, more detailed view of the customer across multiple channels


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With Identity Cloud, you have the capability to build registration trees. This combines the flexibility of our Intelligent Authentication trees with the power of our Identity Management solution to build rich and powerful registration flows alongside authentication and self service within one interface.


With this release, you can build password and username reset flows alongside your authentication flows. 


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AB Testing 

A new feature allows you to partition off a set of users. Use this to find the best way to map and further fine-tune user journeys.


New SDK support is available for the username, password, KBA, and terms and conditions nodes. This allows for better time-to-value when embedding registration tree capabilities into your native mobile and web apps.

Provide More Value to Your Users 

By providing a large number and variety of authentication options (including future platform capabilities), Forgerock helps businesses create sustainable solutions that adapt to changing user preferences and or client/device technologies. This level of flexibility can be accommodated while also being both aligned to and compliant with both company and, where relevant, regulatory policies. And users are able to maintain their chosen authentication method using a self-service approach, based on their own changing needs. Authentication approaches can further be optimized and modified based on this data, to remove complexity as well as fine-tune user journeys and experience.

While you may be running an earlier version of ForgeRock Identity Platform and/or cannot easily upgrade to take advantage of the authentication trees available in version 6.0+, with Identity Cloud, you will be able to take advantage of the authentication trees today, while you coexist on premises and in the cloud, progressively moving off your legacy system tomorrow.

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