Hear Daniel Raskin on IoT Identity Challenges at the Singapore UnSummit

Managing identity and access is a cornerstone of today’s digitally empowered enterprise. Making that capability stronger, smarter and more agile will only grow more important in the months and years ahead, as Internet of Things (IoT) devices - from health sensors to smart housewares to autonomous vehicles - become more and more prevalent.

Our own Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management at ForgeRock, knows the IoT-related challenges ahead for enterprises and consumers. He’ll be speaking about them at the Singapore Identity UnSummit on September 19, offering an invaluable perspective on tackling the customer identity and access management (CIAM) issues in store. They’re fascinating, daunting, and need the kind of clarity and insight Daniel can deliver.

Managing Identity Concerns as Touch Points Multiply

In his presentation, Securing Customer Interactions Anytime, Anywhere, Daniel will address the need for holistic identity strategies where “identities” don’t just represent humans, but devices, objects, and services. And he’ll explain why we need to find ways to manage the multiple complex relationships between them all. That’s so  customers can feel confident their interactions with all these proliferating IoT touchpoints are secure, and that they control how their data gets used and shared. It’s a tall order, but Daniel is uniquely qualified to lay out a vision for how to approach it.

An Expert Looking Ahead

Daniel brings over 20 years of experience at technology leaders such as Sun Microsystems, Agari, NComputing, and ForgeRock to bear on meeting these challenges. He’s driven product line innovation by applying his deep expertise in enterprise and commercial open source software, ranging across identity and access management, IoT and enterprise middleware. His passion for open source, building developer communities and driving enterprise adoption with great product have made him a polestar for the ForgeRock community.  I know he’ll give a compelling presentation no CIAM technologist will want to miss. 

Still, Daniel is one of many attractions on hand. So check out the Singapore Identity UnSummit and register for this great free opportunity to join the rest of the ForgeRock community.

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John Donovan is Regional Vice President, APJ, at ForgeRock