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FIDO Adds Some Bite with ForgeRock

This morning, we announced our joining of FIDO, the Fast Identity Online Alliance, at our first annual North America-based IRM Summit. This consortium of organizations has dedicated itself to revolutionizing secure online authentication, and we will collaborate with other Alliance members to create stronger, simpler authentication specifications to protect online identities. This will allow enterprises to deliver richer services to customers, suppliers, and partners.

Members of the FIDO Alliance share their technology and work together to deliver open specifications for strong authentication, which enables authentication methods that are FIDO-compliant to be interoperable, easier to use, and more private and secure. With these FIDO specs, authentication technologies such as fingerprint, eye, and iris scanners, as well as voice and facial recognition, are supported.

We’re proud to be part of the FIDO Alliance and look forward to working on standards that will enable businesses to provide simple, secure and reliable authentication, improve the customer experience, and create additional monetizing opportunities.

The full press release can be read here:

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