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Finally … A Unified Identity Stack!

Vendors have been talking about providing a unified identity stack for a long time. The way the identity market has evolved, however, has made it very difficult. On one end of the spectrum you have big vendors that have stitched together identity suites based on an acquisition strategy of  best-of-breed components. This has led to the accidental identity architecture comprised of products with differing APIs, UIs, documentation and more. These suites require heavy amounts of integration to make them work. On the other end of the spectrum, you have niche vendors that specialize in a specific area and only solve for a limited number of use cases. These vendors don’t offer a strategic solution, but rather fill the gaps on specific point issues.

With the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack we’re building a truly integrated open source stack that offers reusable, modular services to help organizations simplify their identity architecture. With a common UI, API, file libraries, documentation, the Open Identity Stack is being built intelligently from the the ground-up to better serve the market. Read our open identity stack whitepaper or visit the new ForgeRock website to learn more.

Daniel Raskin


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