Adaptive Authentication: ForgeRock Named Leader

Adaptive Authentication is the process of gathering additional attributes about users and their environments and evaluating the attributes in the context of risk-based policies. We’re excited to share that ForgeRock has been named an Innovation Leader in the latest KuppingerCole Leadership Compass in this application. Also called ‘Adaptive Risk’ in the ForgeRock Identity Platform, it leverages contextual information including time of day, location, and if the request is from a known device to assess the risk of connections and apply the proper policies. This allows organizations to have greater control over the conditions in which they allow access to a resource. Adaptive authentication provides an ideal checkpoint to require additional authentication when risk is high or to streamline the experience when risk is low, reducing friction in common scenarios. Organizations in all industries are looking to these types of technologies to help secure personal data, protect against fraud and breaches, and deliver a seamless user experience.

Why ForgeRock's Adaptive Authentication?

KuppingerCole named ForgeRock an Innovation Leader because of our strong support for features they consider innovative in the Adaptive Authentication market, including a variety of multi-factor authentication options and intelligent risk engines. Being an Innovation Leader means that customers using the ForgeRock Identity Platform get access to the latest technologies to use identity to create new and unique product offerings that help to increase revenue. We're also well positioned in all of the other categories of the Leadership Compass, showing the breadth of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. ForgeRock is an ideal choice for customer identity and access management (CIAM), securing the Internet of Things (IoT), addressing privacy and consent for users, and much more.

You can now download the 2018 KuppingerCole Adaptive Authentication Leadership Compass for the latest on the adaptive authentication market and to find out why ForgeRock was named an Innovation Leader. 

Learn more about adaptive authentication using Adaptive Risk in the ForgeRock Identity Platform and discover the innovative security solutions offered by ForgeRock.