ForgeRock at Gartner Catalyst 2015

Gartner will host this year’s Catalyst Conference in San Diego, CA, August 10-13.

ForgeRock is a sponsor, will have a booth, and several interesting sessions and live demos.

Make sure to come see us at booth 214!


ForgeRock Activities:

Solution Provider Session:

Maximizing Return On Identity (ROI) in a Brave New World, Daniel Raskin
Thursday August 13, 9:10am, Room Seaport A
Identity is the center of everything digital. It is a core differentiator that transforms how people engage your business. A foundational element of digital services, identity helps improve customer engagement, drive a seamless omnichannel experience and reach new market segments. In this session, Daniel will outline how to re-think “Return on Identity” to be customer-focused and used to drive value and top line revenue.

Theatre Presentation:

The Identity of Things & The Smart Cities of Tomorrow, Markus Weber
Monday August 10, 6:55pm, Showcase Theater, Harbor Ballroom
Gartner predicts that there will be 25 billion connected things by 2020. However, for IoT to take off identity is central. For IoT to be successful digital platforms must be able to manage the relationship between users and things. In this presentation and demo we will outline common use cases for handling the "Identity of Things" and how it can be applied to the smart cities of tomorrow.

Live Demos at Booth 214:

Monday 10th
12:30pm     UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA
1:30pm       IoT and the Smart City
6:00pm      UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA
7:45pm       UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA

Tuesday 11th
12 (noon)   IoT and the Smart City
1:00pm       UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA

Wednesday 12th
12:30pm     IoT and the Smart City
2:00pm      UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA


Demo Descriptions:

UMA (User-Manager Access) and OpenUMA
Existing notice-and-consent paradigms of privacy have begun to fail dramatically — and people have begun to notice. The User-Managed Access (UMA) standard and ForgeRock’s OpenUMA project are stepping into the breach. OpenUMA gives companies a new tool for delivering to individuals a convenient central hub for proactively authorizing who and what can get access to their personal data and content.

IoT and the Smart City
The internet of things has the power to shape our futures for the better--on a personal, organizational, and civic level--with identity as the driving force behind it. Across the board, from utilities to services and everything in between, secure smart city devices improve the quality and responsiveness of civic services and city planning. In this presentation and demo we will outline common use cases for handling the "Identity of Things" and how it can be applied to the smart cities of tomorrow.


We look forward to seeing you at Gartner Catalyst 2015!

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