Get Your Questions Answered at ForgeRock BackStage Knowledge Base

Senior Director Customer Success, Americas


At the end of 2014, we quietly rolled out our new ForgeRock BackStage Knowledge Base, a one-stop shop for support information on all ForgeRock products, tools and resources. Since then we’ve continually added new articles and how-to content to the point where we wanted to put out a formal communication to ensure all ForgeRock customers and users are aware of, and can start taking advantage of the Knowledge Base.

What was the impetus for creating the Knowledge Base?

The idea was to bring together all our most current, comprehensive and consistent product advisory, best practices content, FAQs, configuration advice and more – all in an easily accessible place. It’s not about documentation (which, of course, is available in its own section of BackStage). We wanted to provide self-service access to solutions and procedures that can help users learn about best practices for using our products and resolve issues on their own.


Key Benefits of the Knowledge Base:

  • Providing current, authoritative and consistent advice in one place.
  • Giving customers self-service access to solutions and configurations procedures to help resolve issues rapidly.
  • Avoiding duplication of efforts and keeping support engineers from reproducing issues that have already been discovered and solved.
  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction rates while customers are gaining experience with ForgeRock products.


What Kind of Content Will I Find?

There are several types of articles and publications in the Knowledge Base:

  • How To's
  • Solution articles
  • FAQs
  • White Papers
  • Security Advisories
  • Best Practice guides

All of these pieces of content go through a rigorous review process (technical review, editorial review and final review) before being published, to ensure they are accurate, easy to understand and follow a consistent format. To date there are 313 published articles in the Knowledge Base, with another 55+ articles in progress and scheduled for publication soon.


Who Can Access the Knowledge Base?

While the Knowledge Base was conceived and designed with ForgeRock customers in mind, there are also articles available to the public. To access the public articles, simply create a user account and log into BackStage. All subscription customers are eligible to access Knowledge Base articles associated with the product they are subscribed to.


Give It a Try!

We're encouraging all ForgeRock users to check out the Knowledge Base to source helpful information on ways to optimize your identity and access management deployments. We’re also happy to report that the site is already attracting a large readership. Total views of Knowledge Base articles have been edging up each month, with over 1,700 views of full articles in August 2015. Have an issue or subject that you think deserves to be written up in a Knowledge Base article? Please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!