ForgeRock Helps Utah Save Taxpayers $15 Million and Offer a Safer, More Enhanced Online Experience

When the time was ripe for digital transformation, leaders in the State of Utah responded without hesitation. Taking notice that citizens everywhere were fully embracing the internet-powered world, the State of Utah was looking to achieve three goals: make it easier for its constituents to access government services securely, simplify identity management, and save taxpayers money. 

Offering more online services to citizens made sense to stakeholders in so many ways. The cost of each online transaction would be about $14 less than each over-the-counter transaction. And, beyond the cost savings to the state, more online services would mean greater convenience for citizens. For instance, residents could quickly and easily pay for parking tickets online. 

Living up to the state’s motto of “Industry” (represented by a beehive), the state government went to work on migrating many of its services online. But, as time went on, significant issues with the state’s initial identity management system started to emerge. As more and more online services were added, securely managing digital identities for all users, devices, and connected things became a challenge that Utah’s legacy solution couldn’t handle. Additionally, frequent outages resulted in access issues, especially for cloud-based services. And, perhaps most importantly, insufficient access security put users’ data at risk and could potentially mean violation of federal compliance mandates.

By implementing the ForgeRock Identity Platform, the State of Utah put all these concerns to rest. Here’s how:

  • Scalability: ForgeRock’s solution enables the state government to manage nearly two million internal and external digital identities – with the oversight of just one dedicated engineer.
  • Efficiency: Multiple interfaces enable integration of a broad spectrum of applications and services – including cloud-based services like ServiceNow and Google Drive. The state successfully integrated more than 900 applications and online services into the ForgeRock environment.
  • Security: Through multi-factor authentication (MFA), omnichannel privacy, and other security measures, the State of Utah can keep the sensitive data of internal and external users protected from breaches and other advanced threats. ForgeRock also empowers citizens to control the type of information they consent to share with the state. This makes for a better and safe user experience online while helping the state adhere to compliance requirements. 

Utah can now proudly say, “Mission accomplished.” The state government has met every one of its goals. It now delivers services faster and more cost-effectively – saving taxpayers USD$15 million – thanks to the ForgeRock Identity Platform. 

If Utah can do it, so can you.