ForgeRock Identity Cloud: Early Access Program

We started a journey last December with the release of the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5, which helps customers transition millions of users from on-premises to cloud-hosted services in minutes. Today ForgeRock is excited to announce this next phase, an identity solution delivered natively in the cloud. To further the development of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, we are opening an early access program for developers who want intuitive and easy solutions with nimble and disruptive CIAM capabilities for specific identity use cases.

A Bit About the ForgeRock Identity Cloud

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud is an extremely developer-friendly identity as a service (IDaaS), providing rapid time to value when bringing identity to customer-facing web, mobile, and single-page applications. It is built with a shared-nothing architecture approach to keep consumer data secure in the cloud.  

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud will leverage industry standards like OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SCIM, and FIDO 2.0. It will provide high availability, reliability, and security. It will also include the ability to integrate with all applications, including legacy on-premise solutions, via robust SDKs, APIs, and documentation.

Today the ForgeRock Identity Cloud includes the ability to:

  • Register and authenticate users into your applications

  • Set up and configure hosted login and registration pages

  • Set password policy

  • Reset passwords and send users through forgot-password flows

  • Create users via the admin console or management APIs.

Check Out The Brief Video:

We’re excited to invite customers in to gather feedback and help shape the future of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud.




Future releases will provide organizations with the ability to conduct a fast and simple high-availability deployment without sacrificing the rich features and extensibility already found in the ForgeRock Identity Platform that solve some of the hardest domain-specific identity challenges.

Interested in helping us shape the future of this product? Request an invitation to the ForgeRock Identity Cloud Early Access Program today.


Who Is Robert Vamosi?

Who’s Robert?  He is an award-winning writer and author of two books on privacy and the identity of people and things.  As Senior Product Marketing Manager at ForgeRock he is extending our customer story into the cloud. Robert is a runner with thirteen marathons to his credit, and contemplating his next race.

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