ForgeRock Identity Cloud Gets Even Better


Since launching ForgeRock Identity Cloud earlier this year, we have seen strong interest and innovative usage from a variety of customers. The COVID-19 crisis has contributed to the surge in our momentum. Financial services and retail customers have seen their foot traffic to physical locations drop by 80 percent or more. At the same time, online traffic is skyrocketing. For many companies, these spikes are resulting in massive increases in costs because cloud vendors are doubling their overage fees. We can help with this.

We built our cloud platform as a scalable service for cost-effectively modernizing large, complex, and diverse application portfolios at companies navigating their cloud migration journey. ForgeRock Identity Cloud has become even more flexible with identity platform as a service functionality, delivering on our commitment to provide the most comprehensive cloud solution possible.

Today, we’re happy to share exciting enhancements now available that make our cloud service even more powerful.

  • Seamless Orchestration: The one overwhelming request we get from ForgeRock Identity Cloud customers is: “Don’t dumb it down.” We listened. This release builds on our aim of extreme configurability. You can continue to deliver omnichannel experiences and security for all identities using the power of ForgeRock Intelligent Access to seamlessly orchestrate self-service and authentication journeys for your users.
  • One Subscription for Maximum Flexibility: With one subscription to ForgeRock Identity Cloud, we give you complete flexibility to not only consume as a service from us, but also deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform anywhere -- in your datacenter, private cloud or public cloud -- in a hybrid configuration. That one subscription also means you enjoy predictable pricing that includes unlimited annual usage per user with surplus user coverage that protects you even if your business grows in unexpected ways. 
  • Full Tenant Isolation: We take security very seriously at ForgeRock. Our approach ensures your data is never commingled with other customer data. This not only prevents accidental data spillage issues, but also prevents the noisy and nosey neighbor issue. 

Getting Started 

All of the features discussed today are now available. Download the ForgeRock Identity Cloud white paper to learn more. 

Coming Up! 

If you’re unsure how to start planning your future in the cloud, don’t miss ForgeRock Identity Live: Cloud Edition. I’ll be hosting this virtual event and can guarantee you’ll walk away with useful tips on how to transform your organization. I hope to see you there next week! 

Thanks, from the entire ForgeRock Identity Cloud team!