ForgeRock Identity Platform Strengthens User Experience, Platform Security, and Identity Insight

Mid-Year Release for Customers Supports Passwordless Authentication, Stateless Architecture, Visualization of Identity Relationships and More

ForgeRock is pleased to announce the availability of the ForgeRock Identity Platform Mid-Year Release 2016. This latest edition of the ForgeRock Identity Platform has advanced new capabilities that will enable organizations to orchestrate highly secure, frictionless user experiences using push authentication. It’s the industry’s first end-to-end open source identity management solution to support passwordless login and frictionless second factor authentication capabilities for continuous security. We’re killing the password!

For those that don’t know, last year we decided to move to a model that supports feature releases every six months rather than every year. Why two releases per year? The ForgeRock product team is just too prolific, and too devoted to delighting our customers to keep new releases to just one per year! The 2016 mid-year platform release is a culmination of these efforts, and the first release under the new model. We’ve added some really cool capabilities in the following areas.

  • IoT: Stateless sessions using OpenID Connect and OAuth2 will enable developers to more easily reach IoT scale with services. Additionally, a new identity relationship visualizer makes it possible to now view relationships across users, devices, and things.
    Platform: Common audit handlers make it easier and faster to push platform audit data to target systems.
  • Security: More security features with database encryption, API security, and second factor push authentication.
  • Customer Identity: Push authentication capabilities are in high demand as many ForgeRock customers are working on building out Internet of Things (IoT) and customer facing services. Creating “frictionless customer experiences” using mobile authentication to smartphones is seen by nearly all developers as critical to supporting any number of business use cases where customer experience is the number one objective – from enabling telematics with the smart car, to securing smart home applications, healthcare devices, wearables, mobile banking and industrial IoT devices - where simple-to-use authentication delivering the highest level of access security is essential. There are two use cases for push authentication in this release:
    • Enable passwordless logins where users can enter just a username into a site or application and then approve the login request from a notification on their Android or Apple iOS phone.
    • Provide frictionless two-factor authentication by using standard login credentials plus a push notification to the user’s phone to confirm the second factor.

Reflecting on the release earlier today, ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis had this to say: “User frustration and implementation costs are a real concern with traditional two-factor authentication, and a significant barrier for organizations working to create the kind of secure, seamless online user experiences that we’ve all come to expect online. With passwordless authentication now available through the ForgeRock Identity Platform, our customers can create highly secure, frictionless user experiences that will delight and engage end users, while keeping the growing number of IoT devices and data out of the wrong hands.”

But Wait, There’s More!

ForgeRock is fortunate to have many, many creative people within the organization who are enthusiastic about contributing content when we launch new products. This Mid-Year Release is no different, and we’ve got lots of visual, video and written content to help our customers and friends to explore and learn about ForgeRock offerings in more detail. Read on...

2016 Mid-Year Release Video Album

Our product team, led by SVP Daniel Raskin and senior manager Chris Kawalek, put together a series of videos for the mid-year release, provide enlightening overviews on subjects including a Push Authentications with ForgeRock Access Management overview and demo, Stateless OAuth2 Token Support, Common Audit Event Handlers, A Day in the Life of an OAuth2 Token, and a whole lot more. Featured ForgeRockers include veteran stars like CTO Lasse Andresen and SVP Engineering Jamie Nelson, along with newcomers like Office Manager Anette Recinos and Inside Sales Representative Maria Neau. Rocking performances all around.


Webinar, White Paper & More

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