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ForgeRock in the US

Last week, Forgerock was in the US, for visits to customers and friends of Forgerock.

You may have noticed that there was a fair bit of press about Simon Phipps joining ForgeRock. This has been a major news item around the world, and is good news for us, as well as for OpenSource projects worldwide!

Lasse, Hermann, Simon and myself were in the Bay area, and had several successful meetings and dicussions.

Simon and I attended the openCloud Meetup on thursday evening, hosted by the fine folks at Splunk. It was a lot of fun, and several significant discussions emerged. I see there is another OpenCould meetup scheduled at Splunk in San Francisco on June 10, so if you are into the cloud, Go to and join and sign up to go.

And then, of course, back to coding. One of my tasks this week is to get full support in the C SDK for some of the newer callbacks. The C SDK does not support HTTPCallback, used for the Windows Desktop SSO module, or the Redirect Callback.

Well, it didnt support it, till this week! So I have completed the work on the HTTPCallback, and will have the Redirectcallback done today.