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ForgeRock Launches New Website

Today we launched our new ForgeRock brand and website, and if I do say so myself, it is awesome. Eye-catching design, user-friendly navigation, accessible product descriptions, informative white paper, puns–it’s got it all. And it’s just the first of many big things happening at the company, as we kick off our updated web presence, announce the world’s one and only 100 percent Open Identity Stack (check out the white paper here), prepare for a slew of global events and conferences, and wrap up our first couple months in our new San Francisco HQ.

We’ve grown leaps and bounds in the past two years, growing staff and gaining customers, and our brand new look reflects our fast-paced progress as well as the heart and soul behind what we do. I’m passionate about our products and  love the ForgeRock attitude that IAM can be enterprise-ready, developer-friendly, open and accessible. So check out the site, revel in the puns, dig into the white paper–and let us help you get your identity band together.


Rebecca Golden


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