ForgeRock Starts Year Two With a Bang

ForgeRock was started in February 2010 and is now one year old. In its first year:

So far, so good – it’s been exhilarating getting to this point. But the coming year looks just as interesting.

To start year two with a bang, I’m pleased to announce that ApexIdentity will be joining ForgeRock effective today, bringing their expertise in identity and access management to the projects that comprise ForgeRock’s I3 platform. In particular, their great work onOAuth 2.0 will be adapted and contributed to the OpenAM project, maintaining its reputation as the leading open source system for access management. Founders Jamie Nelson and Paul Bryan will join ForgeRock’s leadership team with responsibility for the overall I3 platform vision.

The combination is a good fit for our needs and is timely. I hope it will result in our growth – particularly in the US and Canada – accelerating as the ApexIdentity people come up to speed. A warm welcome to the team!