ForgeTalks: The Future of Cybersecurity

Hello and welcome back to ForgeTalks. Today's episode is part one of a two-part series finale. Joining me for these two episodes are ForgeRock CEO, Fran Rosch, and cybersecurity luminary and founder of NightDragon and ForgeRock board member, Dave DeWalt. It was a wide-ranging discussion that captured their views of the security landscape in 2020 and how digital identity can play a central role in stopping attackers from successfully stealing your data. 

Watch this episode to hear about: 

  • How conditions in 2020 have created a "perfect storm" for cybersecurity threats
  • Why organizations have to move faster than ever to combat the increasing threat
  • And how digital identity can help not only protect organizations from cybersecurity attacks, but also improve their customer experiences and take advantage of unprecedented opportunity

I hope you enjoy this amazing ForgeTalks episode. Make sure you check out next week's episode where I continue my conversation with Dave and Fran. And if you want to view any of our other episodes you can do so here.