ForgeTalks: The Future of Cybersecurity Part 2

Hello and welcome back to ForgeTalks and our highly anticipated season finale. In this episode, I continue my conversation with ForgeRock CEO, Fran Rosch, and founder of NightDragon and ForgeRock board member, Dave DeWalt. Once again, my guests offer fascinating insights on a number of topics, including:

  • How Artificial Intelligence has impacted the security industry and the promise it holds for making workforce and consumer access better  
  • Cybersecurity, elections, and whether digital identity solutions can help make voting more secure
  • And insights from Dave DeWalt about the future of ForgeRock

If you missed part 1 of our finale, you can catch up now. I hope you enjoy this episode and learned something new about digital identity from this season of ForgeTalks. We'll be back in 2021 with more great episodes! If you want to subscribe to receive updates about next season, or if you want to check out previous episodes, you can do so here.