ForgeTalks: A Local's Tour of the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Welcome back to ForgeTalks. In last week's episode, ForgeRock's VP of Product Management, Mary Writz, took me on a tour of the main landmarks of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, including Intelligent Access and ForgeRock Go. This week, we are treated to a local's tour of the platform. We'll travel "off the beaten road" and explore some of the hidden gems that the ForgeRock Identity Platform has to offer.

We'll be exploring:

  • How the ForgeRock Identity Platform makes it easier to develop applications
  • How Macaroons fix problems around Fine-Grained Scopes and Delegation
  • How ForgeRock makes Identity for Things easy!

I hope you enjoyed this two-parter with Mary. Make sure you stop by next week when I meet with ForgeRock's VP of Product Marketing, Ashley Stevenson, who unravels the question: "What is Single Sign-on?" And if you want to watch any of the other episodes you can check them all out here.