ForgeTalks: To Your Health

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of ForgeTalks. While COVID-19 has certainly made things challenging for all of us, the global healthcare industry has been hit particularly hard. In addition to serving on the front lines of the pandemic, the number of data breaches and targeted attacks against medical data is also on the rise. ForgeRock's Chief Technology Officer, Eve Maler joined me again, along with ForgeRock VP for US Healthcare, Steve Gwizdala, to discuss the challenges the healthcare industry faces in 2020 and how digital identity can help. 

We'll take a look at:

  • Current trends within the healthcare industry
  • Data from ForgeRock's recent Consumer Identity Breach Report
  • Real world results that ForgeRock's healthcare customers are achieving by investing in digital identity

I hope you enjoy this week's ForgeTalks episode. If you missed the recent two-part miniseries about ForgeRock Go you can view Part I here and Part II here, and make sure to check out next week's episode where I meet with ForgeRock's Chief Evangelist Allan Foster to discuss how digital transformation has helped businesses pivot to a remote world.

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