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Forrester affirms value of Identity Relationship Management (IRM) in new white paper

Forrester just released a groundbreaking new white paper dissecting the value of Identity Relationship Management platforms for consumer-facing business initiatives. Eve Maler, Principal Analyst at Forrester specializing in security and risk, is with us at the IRM Summit at the Arizona Biltmore this week, and she’ll be presenting this new research on IRM and its evolution from identity and access management.

Eve’s findings are based on data collected from over 100 firms, as well as numerous interviews with executives responsible for identity & access management. The new report is well worth delving into, in particular to address:

• What is customer-facing IAM (aka Identity Relationship Management)?
• What are the business divers for IRM?
• Does existing infrastructure meet IRM standards?
• What metrics should we use to measure IRM projects and their impact?
• How does IRM add business value and drive top-line revenue?

Check it out—we think you’ll see some surprising findings. You can get the report at

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