Gain Early Access and Help Shape Our AI Risk Engine

Gain Early Access and Help Shape Our AI Risk Engine.png


Starting today, we are extending the ForgeRock AI Risk Engine Early Access program to include new security features. This is an exciting opportunity to preview how we’re harnessing state-of-the-art AI to accomplish a Zero Trust or CARTA security model.   

Leveraging AI to continuously inspect and adapt real-time access based on historical behavior and orchestrate real-time response is a powerful way to reduce account takeovers and insider threats at the point of access, while delivering delightful user experiences.    

In this phase, we are targeting a select group of customers (both consumer and workforce use cases)  to help influence our roadmap.  The early access program has two paths: one for design advisors, and one for design advisors plus data providers. For the latter, we ingest a participant’s anonymized production ForgeRock platform data, provide a dashboard, and then work together to identify threats and risks for AI Model Tuning.  ForgeRock’s development and data science teams work closely with all early access program participants.

We are making tremendous progress and need your continued feedback to help us further enhance what will become an integral part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform that will run in the ForgeRock Identity Cloud.

Today the ForgeRock AI Risk Engine can: 

  • Identify and detect outliers and anomalies and respond with a risk score.
  • Respond with remedial actions like step-up authentication or blocking the user when appropriate.
  • Leverage the power of ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication to orchestrate risk journeys by integrating Trust Network nodes and adaptive risk nodes with the AI Risk Engine.
  • Visualize anomalies and risks for better view into access decisioning.

Future releases will provide organizations with continuous verification, explainability, end-user and administrator inputs for model enhancement, global learnings, and additional actions and remediations integrated directly into the platform. The engine will leverage continuous insights from the entire ForgeRock Identity Platform to optimize both user experience and security, while helping customers achieve Zero Trust or CARTA security model.     

We’re excited to invite you to help us gather feedback and shape the future of the ForgeRock AI Risk Engine. If interested, request an invitation to the ForgeRock AI Risk Engine Restricted Early Access Program today.