Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit Wrap Up Report

The headlines on the event poster our design team worked up for the recent Gartner IAM Summit said it all:

Wrestling with Antiquated Identity Products?


Wrestling. As in, big athletic guys wearing masks throwing each other around a regulation-sized fighting ring. This was not your usual corporate hospitality event, but it happened live at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on the second and final night of the event, officially the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2015. And it was awesome.

Luchador wrestlers are a long tradition in Mexico, where they use colorful masks to hide their identities. Could there be a more apt metaphor for a conference of identity management professionals dedicated to finding better ways to secure the data and personal identity of consumers and businesses worldwide? No there could not.

The wrestling event and theme for the conference was the brainchild of our field marketing team, led by director Mitchell Wright, and included a giveaway of genuine Luchador masks and a photo contest.

The wrestling event itself on the night of December 8th was the liveliest and best-attended after-party of the conference. Lots of exciting, colorful action. And it was all in support in the more serious business of telling the ForgeRock story to the assembled community of identity industry professionals and IT security experts. That mission was ably carried out by SVP Product Daniel Raskin who spoke on the mainstage on the first day of the summit on the Digital Transformation Of Identity. And also Allan Foster, VP, Strategic Partner Enablement, who presented ForgeRock: New Innovations In Consent, Privacy, And User-Managed Access. Thanks to everyone who made Gartner IAM 2015 one of the most memorable events in ForgeRock’s colorful history.