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GEICO “Insures” Online Portal IAM Success with Open Identity Stack

We’re always excited when new customers decide that ForgeRock has the right solution for them, and this week is no exception!  The third-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States – GEICO – has selected us to support them in building their new online customer portal.  After searching high and low and quickly realizing that a traditional IAM vendor wasn’t going to cut it, GEICO decided that Open Identity Stack was the only IAM solution that would get the job done.

Whether it’s auto insurance or insurance of another kind, the insurance industry is one we all know well – most likely as customers. And, as customers, we know how important it is to be able to reach our insurance provider 24/7, 365 days a year. To meet these needs and really transform the way they do business, GEICO decided to develop a state-of-the-art online portal to offer exceptional service any time of day, year round.  To build this new portal successfully – or any modern online experience, for that matter – security and identity management must be critical components, and GEICO knew that to succeed with this new site they would need a simple-to-deploy, highly scalable solution.

So, why did they choose ForgeRock? 

With Open Identity Stack, GEICO is able to quickly integrate the lightweight, modular, open source ForgeRock technology with their architecture and Web services, seamlessly scaling to meet the needs of today’s modern Web strategy, including addressing mobility.

As Greg Kalinsky, senior vice president and chief information officer, GEICO said, “Initially, we considered traditional, closed source enterprise IAM vendors to help us drive our vision forward, but it quickly became evident that they would not be able to offer a solution that would be able to integrate or scale as quickly as we needed.  We selected ForgeRock as our IAM technology partner because of their success in delivering the Open Identity Stack in an easy-to-deploy, highly scalable approach to enterprise, cloud and mobile environments. To us, ForgeRock understood what it meant to create a modern, best-in-class Web experience for our large and exceedingly diverse customer base.”

All of us ForgeRockers are excited that GEICO decided to trust us with the IAM success of their new online portal. Does this mean that one day we’ll get to meet the ever-so-infamous GEICO Gecko?!?  We can only hope, and we’ll definitely keep you all posted, if we do!  In the meantime, check out today’s announcement about our relationship with GEICO.

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