How to Easily Modernize Access to Your PeopleSoft Applications

Over the course of 2020, how and where we work has rapidly changed. More employees than ever before are working from home. In fact, according to CNBC, “42% of U.S. workers who did not telecommute previously are doing so now.” This new reality requires that organizations offer secure, remote access to critical work apps and services. As part of this, common applications like Oracle PeopleSoft are getting a second look. Business critical applications for managing employee lifecycles, tracking purchase orders, or performing other functions come with inherent risk because of the sensitive data they contain. Securing these applications to ensure that only the right people have access is critical. Unfortunately, organizations with legacy identity and access management (IAM) systems struggle with this. 

With the majority of employees now working from home, the ways in which people access PeopleSoft are changing, and to meet that demand, the ways in which it is protected must also change. This is especially true because Oracle is ending support for Oracle Access Manager, the 11gR2 access management middleware originally included with PeopleSoft, by December 2020. With budget constraints and limited IAM provider options competing with urgent requirements for remote access and improved security, it’s understandable that organizations are contemplating how best to solve this timely issue. 

At ForgeRock, we specialize in helping organizations like yours meet the demands for secure, easy access from anywhere by coexisting with applications, like PeopleSoft, and their related legacy IAM systems, such as Oracle Access Manager. 

For example, I recently had a conversation with a customer whose employees are now all working from home. Because PeopleSoft is the primary application used by the Human Resources department, they needed to be confident that the sudden shift to working from home wasn’t going to cause any security issues to their critical applications. With ForgeRock, this customer succeeded in modernizing and strengthening their access security to support remote sessions for PeopleSoft by quickly building and delivering a secure, frictionless authentication journey utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA). They are also now exploring expanding this same security model to other applications within their network. 

How can you leverage ForgeRock to secure your critical PeopleSoft applications?

To start, the ForgeRock Identity Platform comprises the following components, which can be used on their own or as a complete solution to support desired enhancements to PeopleSoft:

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The ForgeRock Identity Platform and its industry-leading capabilities allow for significant enhancements in security-related functions. Intelligent Authentication, a component of ForgeRock Access Management, enables you to build robust, customized authentication flows (called authentication trees) using a dynamic menu of pre-integrated nodes within a drag and drop interface. This authentication journey agility not only provides users easy, secure authentication options that can be utilized from any location, such as work from home scenarios, it also helps organizations prevent fraudulent access attempts. For example, users can augment a failed username/password attempt to access PeopleSoft by requesting a one-time use passcode or facial recognition via a mobile device using MFA controls. 

In addition to leading access management capabilities, ForgeRock Identity Management includes built-in provisioning and workflow capabilities, so you can manage and orchestrate all access to PeopleSoft applications by monitoring changes both within the PeopleSoft data store, as well as other data stores within your organization, like LDAP directories. This unified view provides you with greater control and accuracy in terms of who can access high-risk applications such as PeopleSoft.

Of course, knowing what’s available is one thing --- getting it done is another. ForgeRock can help there too. We provide out-of-the-box accelerators to get you up and running quickly, as well as seamless migration tools for when you’re ready to migrate away from your legacy IAM systems.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform can coexist with any legacy environment to give you more agility in how you secure business-critical applications like PeopleSoft. From the toughest legacy systems to the most cutting-edge applications, ForgeRock can handle all of your organization’s unique identity and access management needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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