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How Open Source is Replacing Legacy Identity Management


Join us Wednesday, December 12 at 8 am PST to find out, by signing up for our webinar.

We’ll discuss how agile identity management solutions are mission-critical for business, education, and government as a fast-growing number of users access systems via social, mobile, the cloud, and the web.

Legacy identity management solutions were not built for the cloud or Internet scale, and most were built by acquisition, rather then by cohesive design, making them notoriously complex, expensive to maintain, and nearly impossible to exit.

ForgeRock VP of Engineering, Jamie Nelson and VP of Marketing, Daniel Raskin will discuss how the Open Identity Stack is democratizing identity and access management with the only purpose-built, open source, supported identity solution on the market today.

Topics Include:

  • IAM pain points
  • Open Identity Stack advantages
  • The benefits of open Source
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