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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a compelling tool and can be even more effective when used strategically.  The extent of the value depends upon how available you make identity to the business applications and services used in achieving business goals. As an IAM owner, this task is more difficult than it appears. Fortunately, organizations are increasingly understanding the value of IAM and how it is fundamental to digitally transforming business. For instance, identity can be used to create a user-centric, cross-services and omnichannel experience that can make all the difference in our ever-changing digital market.

Agility Required

As an IAM owner, your relationship to business teams and stakeholders is critical to keep the chain moving. The ability to adapt to and pivot between opportunities and challenges requires agility on the part of both IAM and the business.

To nurture this relationship with the business and offer a truly comprehensive solution, you need to pick the appropriate identity integration strategy for business applications and APIs. It may be tempting to provide an SDK the business teams can integrate into their applications to facilitate interactions with IAM. Software footprint within the business often turns problematic after first release as life cycles of business applications differ. Upgrades of SDK software and procedures need to be coordinated across the business stakeholders and can quickly make life miserable for all those involved.

To the contrary, Identity integration gateways make life easier for you and your business counterparts. As opposed to direct modification of business apps, the gateway fronting the applications enforces authentication, authorization, token mediation, and message transformation. Ultimately, Identity Gateway enables you to modernize business applications with appropriate IAM standards, procedures and token types -- without requiring you to modify the application.

Demo Time

To further demonstrate the benefits, we’ve created a short video, An Intro to Identity Gateway: A Strategic Approach for Digital Identity here:




This is the first in a series of Identity Gateway demos and we’ll be sharing the others with you in the coming weeks.

To find out more about Identity Gateway, you can also visit us here.


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Who’s Joachim? As Product Management Director with 21 years of experience in the identity industry, Joachim helps organizations bridge their business to modern digital identity - and make the journey an easy downhill ride. In his leisure time, however, Joachim enjoys the challenge of cycling uphill.

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